There’s people dumber than dirt…

Ben Nelson

…and then there’s Ben Nelson.

Yes, Ben Nelson the senator from someplace called “Nebraska” (ha ha – that’s a good one! *Snicker* ) has formally introduced legislation to finance the wars through selling War Bonds.

I believe that we need shared sacrifice and fiscal discipline in financing the war effort. I don’t believe our first instinct should always be a rush to tax. The government has gone to great lengths to address the economic downturn and adding new taxes right now could undermine those efforts.

OK, Ben Nelson of “Nebraska” here’s the dealio about bonds: they have to be paid back, with interest, by the Federal government; bonds are essentially debt. And guess how the government gets the money to pay the bonds back? Taxes.

MPS salutes you, Ben Nelson of “Nebraska” for introducing legislation for the US Government to take on $30 Billion dollars in new debt! You are a credit to your profession.

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0 Responses to There’s people dumber than dirt…

  1. zencomix says:

    That is Reagonomics in a nutshell. Instead of a rich dude paying taxes, his taxes are slashed, and the money he would have paid in taxes he uses to buy bonds.


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  3. raceynora says:

    That has to be one of the WORST wigs evah!


  4. Demeur says:

    I always like to see a clown in action.


  5. Thomas says:

    Of course you know that Senator Nelson is from “Nebraska.” The senators from my “home state” of “North Dakota” aka “The Better Dakota” are Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad.


  6. chrome agnomen says:

    ben nelson: in favor of new taxes!

    now we’re really stuck with him on the (D) side.


  7. John Hoffman says:

    That rug must be attached with Velco, otherwise it would have a chin strap! The little critter eyes must be on the backside.