Liz Cheney speaks!

liz cheney shark  surreal

Liz Cheney, THE MOST IMPORTANT DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE FOR NEAR EASTERN AFFAIRS in our nation’s history, is debuting a comedy act, but I’m only guessing. But before we get to the punchline, let’s set some context…

We are nine months into Obama’s presidency, who has inherited two disastrous and failed wars, a banking collapse and housing melt-down and a recession greater than anything since the Great Depression, an unknown number of prisoners of war imprisoned in a gulag in Cuba and largely un-prosecutable because of torture illegally authorized by the former president, $5 trillion of debt accrued in eight years by Blam-Blam “deficits don’t matter” Cheney, disintegrated international relations, and a total failure in eight years to do anything about climate change.

OK, now, with that context set, onto Liz’ comedy set!

Killer material, Liz!

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0 Responses to Liz Cheney speaks!

  1. rehctaw says:

    The de facto ambassor from Opposite World SPEAKS!

    Reminds me of a therapy session I was once dragged into. Girl rattled off laundry list of Guy’s faults. (10 LONG minutes), the counselor asked what about her own shortcomings in the relationship…[indignant] NONE!

    The second most awkward situation I ever personally experienced. I’d say #1, but I’m still relatively young.

    Bin Lizzy is counting on the fleeting attention span of the American voters. I sure can’t state with any confidence that she’s as wrong on that as she is on everything else.


  2. distributorcap says:

    she really is a flying monkey


  3. chrome agnomen says:

    damn! what is that thing?? i recognize liz in the top picture, but what’s that other?


  4. darkblack says:

    Dare I say a Hammy award is in the offing here? Of course, William Kristol should take a bow for contributing lines to this boffo vaudeville skit also.