Oh, thanks for asking!

No. No. No.

If nominated, Mock, Paper, Scissors will not run. If elected, Mock, Paper, Scissors will not serve. And to cite Groucho, “I wouldn’t want to join any club who would have me,” and, well, let’s just say that I don’t even watch the Acadamy Awards and I’m suspicious of any industry that votes itself to be the best of anything. Yes, it’s time for The 2009 WebLog Awards.

Please don’t waste your time nominating your favorite blog (which of course is Mock, Paper, Scissors) for one of the 2009 Weblog Awards… and luckily I see that you are already on it. No nominations of any sort. Sigh.

Last year, as you may recall, Mock, Paper, Scissors was nominated in several different categories (and seconded, thirded, fourthed… ad infinitim, ad nausium), and well, we never made it to a ballot — not that I think it was rigged, even though I am sure it was… And MPS was very grateful for the attention, but… honestly, every day when you guys come to visit and snark away with us, that’s all the validation that we need. Besides the mantle here at Tengrain’s Little HutTM is really crowded with trophies that I buy at flea markets, there would be no room for anything else.

That said, put your energy into supporting Blue Gal as she goes up against the hell-beast that we dare not name. BG is aces with us, and as you know is a Scissorhead First Class. Click on the little plus sign to add your vote to the nomination.

And you must go click on the plus sign for our good friend and Allie, Zen Comix.

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  1. I got one in. Tried to nominate Blue Gal for liberal blog, but saw that some assholes are posting little green assholes there. don’t they have a moderator?


  2. SkinnyDennis says:

    Blue Gal is nominated in Best Individual Blogger


  3. Yeah? Well just out of spite, I’m hopeing you win something, pal.


  4. Blue Gal says:

    If people want to help me at this early stage, they can click the plus sign next to this comment.

    And you and the Scissorheads are so awesome. Thanks.


  5. zencomix says:

    Thanks for the plug, but This is how I feel about the Weblog awards. The whizbongers never liked me from my days of crossposting at In Search of Utopia. It may have had something to do with the “They’re not just drinking the Kool-Aid, they’re smoking the powder and drinking the bongwater” cartoon.


    • Tengrain says:

      Zen –

      I was not kidding when I said that I thought it was rigged; I don’t even remember the categories that MPS was nominated in, but we had a lot more votes than one of the finalists, as I recall. I don’t want to waste the effort I put into it last year again this year, so I am pre-emptively removing MPS from the process.

      Now, when MPS was nominated for the Koufax Award, well, I fought for that one… and then they just went poof! So my luck with awards is partly why I am cynical about this stuff: they trained me.




  6. zencomix says:

    Last year’s comic strip winner was one of the stick figure strips, so I got a good chuckle out of that. It was more of an honor being nominated by the folks who nominated me than being on the ballot (Jon Swift, please come back to the world of blogs!) If Peter Bagge makes it on to the final ballot this year, I’ll vote for him, but I’m not sure if I should bother.

    Zen – you reminded me just now: Jon Swift also nominated MPS, too. It was a great honor. I wonder whatever happened to him? — Rgds, TG