Contest — There’s a new gunslinger in town…

Or at least a new photoshopper. Meet NotKeith, who is thinking about starting his own blog who sent me this extraordinary email:

Matthew Continetti (Weekly Standard) recently suggested Sarah Palin could be the next Ronald Reagan. Sounds great.

She has a roguish book tour in progress, and damn if Rush Limbaugh didn’t just say that this was truly one of the most substantive policy books he’s ever read.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve constructed an artist’s rendition (the term “artist” used loosely, of course) of what this exciting development actually could look like.

I report, you decide, on whether it’s a pretty picture.

Ronald Palin

Sarah Reagan

Please vote for your favorite in the comments.

Scissorheads, please welcome NotKeith to our band of the web’s most incorrigible spitballers. I think we will be hearing more from him.

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0 Responses to Contest — There’s a new gunslinger in town…

  1. SkinnyDennis says:

    I can just imagine her cutting the brush…


  2. grs says:

    The top one is scarier. But somehow they both look like Kane from Poltergeist.

    The bottom one is how I envision James Dobson looks at home with the blinds closed.


  3. Lockwood says:

    Unsee, dear god, please eyes, unsee.


  4. Demeur says:

    Shoud we call her the great confusicator?

    Watch out Darkblack I think you may have competition.


  5. Laura says:

    Oh *shudder*. I like the top one best–a sort of Count RegPaLiberacula; I envision the erm…figure seated at a white grand piano (mit gaudy candlestick) playing while the world burns…..


  6. They’re both truly disturbing.

    Shit, and I was planning to go to bed soon.


  7. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpThirdCousinOnceRemovedClyde says:

    It doesn’t matter what either of them look like on the outside ——-what’s on the inside is infinitely more frightening.

    The last thing you want to do with Republicans is ask them what they really think.


  8. I favor the bottom one. It would prove the adage that as you age you get the face you deserve.


  9. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpThirdCousinOnceRemovedClyde says:

    Stick to the really important questions, like: . . . . which one would Jesus save?


  10. raceynora says:

    I am with Cunning Runt and Pissed – and both absolutely disgust me – both live and photoshopped.


  11. darkblack says:

    Oh, NotKeith, how could you debase the timeless beauty of Sarah so? Excellent work.



  12. All three (including Bush) share one thing in common: They’re all genuinely stupid.


  13. Bruce388 says:

    The best policy book Rush has read. That explains a lot.

    The bottom one. No contest.


  14. moeman says:

    I give the Ron pic two Mai Tai’s.


  15. chrome agnomen says:

    across the land, 22% of america wets its pants with some fluid or another.

    so disturbing that i wish i had this poster size.

    the horror…


  16. Lee says:

    Gak. That’s all I can say.