Traitor Joe Announces he will betray us again!


Traitor Joe, that feisty independent Democrat from the Party of One, in Connecticut, after announcing yesterday that he will hold the country hostage for his big-headed ego (he’s always wanted to trump Olympia Snow), announced today that he intends to stump for the GOP in 2010. To which we say, “Go for it, Joementum!” and we add, “Harry Reid, get a spine.”

I probably will support some Republican candidates for Congress or Senate in the election in 2010. I’m going to call them as I see them.

— Traitor Joe Lieberman (Quisling Turd – CN)

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0 Responses to Traitor Joe Announces he will betray us again!

  1. raceynora says:

    Harry – pull his beloved chair out from under his disloyal ass NOW!


  2. Heh heh, Harry Reid, heh heh, spine, heh heh, guffaw guffaw.


  3. JollyRoger says:

    It was to be expected from this paid-off little piece of shit. LIEberman has no principle that doesn’t have a price tag attached to it.


  4. Freida Bee says:

    He can have McCain endorse his position as official endorser. This is almost as bad for the GOP as Cheney’s endorsing Kay Bailey is for her. Maybe he’s really a Democrat undercover practicing a special new brand™ of magic underpants reverse pop-psychology politics.