The nut falls not far from the tree

liz cheney shark  surreal

Liz Cheney dodges Rachel and goes to Hannity instead. As they say, cowardice is the flip-side of bullying. Or in Cheney speak: 5 deferments.

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0 Responses to The nut falls not far from the tree

  1. Oh, it would be an excellent hour of teevee if Liz lost her mind and agreed to go on Rachel’s show. But she’s crafty like her dad (and cockroaches) and will avoid the light.


  2. Mac from Oregon says:

    To paraphrase George Carlin:
    “Fraidy cat, fraidy cat, Liz is a fuckin’ fraidy cat. She afraid to debate Rachel. Fuckin’ fraidy cat Liz.”


  3. libhomo says:

    I wish America could get a deferment from the Cheneys.