Mr. Grayson Goes to Washington

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I’m liking this guy the more I learn about him. Imagine a Feingold-Grayson or a Kucinich-Grayson ticket. Oh, that would be good.

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4 Responses to Mr. Grayson Goes to Washington

  1. raceynora says:


  2. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpThirdCousinOnceRemovedClyde says:

    A Democrat who could actually teabag, partner willing, of course.


  3. He made the republicans back off (as all bullies do when confronted with someone who says “so what”). I wish they would clone him. Make all of the complicit assholes sweat.


  4. Zaius Nation says:

    I still say that Kucinich looks like a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Skelator.


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