Miss November: Bachmann-the-Nut

Imagine my surprise to learn that Notorious baby mill operator, future resident of Bedlam, and self-confessed confident of God, Bachmann-the-Nut has agreed to pose for a Women of the GOP Calendar.

Now, before you Scissorheads start shrieking about how your erotic imaginations will need brain bleach, etc., let me assure you that The Nut will remain fully clothed, and completely chaste.

Beneath her picture is the following quotation:

“Since the fall of Adam, freedom has not been the natural condition of man. However, America has chosen to light a candle, rather than curse the darkness, with the bright promise of life, liberty and freedom.”

Oddly, the quote leaves out any mention of ACORN or the cabal that is trying to change over the US currency to something else to be named later, or even how to kill US Census Workers in your spare time.

Other women highlighted include former Miss California Carrie Prejean, Bay Buchanan, S.E. Cupp, Star Parker, Phyllis Schlafly, Kellyanne Conway, Ann Coulter, Kate Obenshain, Michelle Malkin and Marji Ross. And if that doesn’t kill your libido, I don’t know what will.

UPDATE 1: Dr. Zaius has gotten a hold of an early copy of the Calendar.

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5 Responses to Miss November: Bachmann-the-Nut

  1. raceynora says:

    I think I will stick with my cute overload calendar!


  2. So this is what the few straight republican men will be jerking off to? Makes me believe there is only one or two generations left of these people.


  3. darkblack says:

    ‘And if that doesn’t kill your libido, I don’t know what will….’

    Oh, I don’t know…Sipp E. Cupp in some Hello Kitty bloomers, Malkin in the Gimp suit – the night is young.



  4. Zaius Nation says:

    Ha! I am so going to steal this!


  5. Zaius Nation says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link, Tengrain! 🙂


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