Rhymes with “Tucker”

Dancing with the Stars alumni, infamous former bow-tie wearing TV Dinner Scion, and notable assrocket, Tucker Carlson thinks that the little kiddies singing a black history month song about our first black President (The Citizen of Kenya, Language-of-the-Koran-speaking, Closet-Muslim, socialist, magic-negro overlord and re-education camp counselor, The Carebear) is like the Khmer Rouge.

Now then, where to start?


Tucker, when you take over pole position from Hannity, you’ve gone too far. You are getting into Beck territory. Get off the Crazy Train, you just don’t have the venom to play in their league, though clearly you do have the mendacity. Leave this sort of bombast and dishonesty for Doughy Pantload. Go back to selling TV dinners and pot pies, you stupid racist twerp.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this is all part of the Malkkkin-created controversy that I mentioned yesterday. I’m told, though I have not found a reliable second source to confirm it, that death threats are being reported. Nice work, Fox, Tucker, Hannity, and most of all, Malkkkin. Give yourselves a bonus.

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6 Responses to Rhymes with “Tucker”

  1. Khmer Rouge my ass. You stole that photo from the Inauguration.


  2. DRoseDARs says:

    I haven’t heard the Satanic incantation to bring forth Cthulhu the children are being forced to sing, but if it’s in connection with Black History Month, then I’m going to guess Pres. Obama was mentioned briefly as only a small part of the whole song. And I’m going to guess that in that context this whole brouhaha is as inane as if the children were singing a song having to do with NASA History Month and briefly mentioning (horrors of horrors) Pres. Kennedy.


  3. darkblack says:

    Nice toup on Caddell. Shoe polish comes in so many colors now, hmmm?

    A Hannity panel is the network TV equivalent of a flock of fourth-graders having a contest to see who knows more ‘dirty words’…”BUM!”…”TEE HEE HEE!” – “WEE WEE!”…”TEE HEE HEE HEE!” – “BOOBIE!”…And so on.

    Amazing how Tucker fits so seamlessly into that milieu – ‘To the pander born’, one might say.



  4. i cant even think of something funny


  5. Bruce388 says:

    “Tucker” rhymes with “Asshole?”



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