Mooselini gets all academic-y


Does anyone really think that Mooselini wrote her own Death Panel Manifesto to the Carebear on Facebook? With Footnotes? Complete sentences? Coherent thoughts? Nary a single You betcha in sight?

No, no, no, my friends, I say no. And I will add a triumphant, “Ha!”

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0 Responses to Mooselini gets all academic-y

  1. If the same ghostwriter also writes her upcoming memoir, it might actually be a readable book. (That’s readable, not believable!)


  2. Mac from, oh who cares says:

    It has to be a ghostwriter. Not enough exclamation points nor capital letters, and not a single reference to Trigger or whatever.


  3. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    And a hearty HRMMMMPH to boot TG.


  4. There were no exclamation points in “her” message. A dead give-away.

    Shit…just saw that you wrote the same thing, Mac. Great minds, etc.