Larry Craig, Consultant


When notorious GOP family values sex-lizard and infamous closet case Idaho Senator Larry Craig was arrested for having a tea party in an airport bathroom ( “I got the sugar, you bring the cream!”) in 2007, many of us thought that ol’ Wide-Stance was done for. The adage is that there are no second acts in American Politics, after all.

So imagine my delight and surprise to learn that Larry “peek-a-boo” Craig is back in business. Yes, he has started a consulting firm in Idaho, and he has four – count ’em – four clients!

Says Senator Craig:

“I’ve really worked through every problem imaginable in Washington.”

— former Senator Larry Craig

(No truer words than that have ever been spoken, Larry.)

Says one of his paying (and happy) clients:

Where else can you get that kind of information and insight? He’s been really, really helpful.”

— Doug Sayer, founder and CEO of Blackfoot-based Premier Technology

Please join us here at Mock, Paper, Scissors in saluting that old capitalist, Larry Craig, for his American Spirit. Not everyone can get up from his knees and start over again.

(Via the always enjoyable, I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Democracy — Pissed’s place.)

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0 Responses to Larry Craig, Consultant

  1. There are some porn titles in those quotes, but I’ll be damned if I come up with them.


  2. Blue Gal says:

    Apparently there are so second acts because the first act doesn’t end. What GOP douchebags learned from Nixon is, you don’t resign no matter what. I’m planning a post on that.


  3. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    I’m proud of the guy, it takes a real man to pull him self by his assless chaps and get back in the race.


  4. Thanks for the link, darling. I hope we get the opportunity to revisit Larry’s client list in the future.


  5. taochiapet says:

    From the Idaho Statesman article… “In June 2007, he was arrested in a men’s restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., airport for allegedly soliciting gay sex from an undercover policeman.”

    i’m no journalist (neither are most journalists, but i digress) but isn’t it appropriate to drop the “allegedly” once someone actually pleads guilty to the crime in question?


  6. Batocchio says:

    Damn, why d’ya have to bash a guy for wanting some crazy blue? It’s not like he’s into wetsuits or diapers or anything.

    And off of Blue Gal’s point – remember when Republicans acted out of political necessity – and even conscience in some cases – to tell Nixon they’d support impeachment if he didn’t resign?