Going, going, gone…


One of our erstwhile candidates for Governor here in the broke Californiastan is a former silicon valley CEO, Meg Whitman, who like most silicon valley CEOs has an incredible sense of entitlement and a healthy ego. Having dipped her toe into politics upon retirement from eBay by helping Grandpa Walnuts and the Grifter lose the golden state, and having only sporadically voted herself, eMeg decided that she was fit for the top job.

So she had a meet and greet with other high-powered silicon valley women, and it didn’t go well.

Whitman “gave her whole spiel,” emphasizing that she is “passionate but impartial,” a cool head. After a while, the candidate “got into the gay stuff.” One guest, a lesbian who is married and has two children, told Whitman she’d heard that the candidate had voted for Proposition 8.

Whitman, who had described herself earlier as objective, admitted she had voted for Prop. 8. She said that decision had to do with both her religion – Presbyterian – and her emotions.

“What happened to the objective CEO lady?” asked her challenger. “Now you’re emotional. … You’re all objective about everything; this issue you talk about emotions.”

Now imagine this scene for a moment: a silicon valley master of the universe, someone who figuratively (and literally) surrounded herself with yes men her entire career and has an unshakeable belief in her own press gets confronted in a public setting. I’m predicting a silent eMeg blinked a lot, while trying to get her circuits back, and hoping no one saw the Blue Screen.

To the questioner, Whitman’s blaming her vote on her religion didn’t make sense. “I’m also Catholic; that’s not going to fly for me. … ‘I have children who are unprotected. It’s a matter of legal rights. It’s a legal issue. I pay taxes just like you. Why do you get more rights than I do?’ ”

The discussion was civil, said the questioner, who admitted, “I was testy. She was not. … When Whitman said, ‘You know, I just wish we could have one term for everything: civil unions,’ I said, ‘Bingo, sold, I’ll take it.’ ”

Under a system like that, governments would grant civil licenses only. It would be up to individual churches to decide who they would marry.

Now, of course, her campaign staff is scrambling to deny everything. You see, here in California, the GOP does the Bataan Death March every election cycle. The closer you are to absolute dogmatic rigidity — Taliban-like some would say — the more they like it.

Would Whitman propose this during the campaign asked her challenger. That question wasn’t answered. “She wouldn’t say anything. … She wouldn’t say yes. … She would not say, ‘OK, I will do that.’ ” (My own efforts to get confirmation from Whitman’s campaign team, in preparation for this item, failed. Calls were not returned).

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0 Responses to Going, going, gone…

  1. I’d like to purchase Meg’s vote, but not at the Buy It Now price.


  2. raceynora says:

    She would be a frigging disaster as governor. A. W. F. U. L.


  3. Sadly, raceynora, given that Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected, I would be worried. That said, who’s worse: Meg or Carly? Hard call.


  4. Kelso's Nuts says:

    Hope it comes down to any of the Democrats (although as a brief Californian and old-fashioned lefty I lean a bit more to Garamendi than to Brown or Newsom) and Tom Campbell for Republicans.


  5. tommyspoon says:

    See, this is one of the reasons why I find it very difficult to sympathize with my friends and family who reside in the Golden State. Between the nutty legislative system and the people y’all elect to hold public office, it’s hard to tell who’s crazier: Californians or Floridians. That’s quite a contest, believe me!


  6. tommyspoon says:

    Oh, Texans are in a whole other league! Even Florida can’t compete with the Republic of Texas…