Mooselini writes!


If you say prayers, perhaps a few ought to go to the poor, ink-stained wretch at the Washington Post who had to copy-edit Mooselini’s op-ed today.

Yes, that’s right: Mooselini and the Wa-Po in a single sentence, and yours truly, an unabashed liberal, asking you to pray for them. It is a perfect storm.

“Now, ‘Grain, ” you say, “can it really be that bad?”

Yes, it can be that bad. The topic is Cap and Trade, which is something even the disembodied brainiac life-forms from planet Jeopardy don’t understand, but the GOP — aligned with their “extraction industry” pals — seems to be against, and so instinctively I feel that whatever Cap and Trade is must be good.

So put together a topic only a handful of smart people understand, and Mooselini, possibly the dimmest light in the US political firmament, and you have the Wa-Po article.

Made exclusively of short grafs – some one sentence (or less!) — with lots of snide asides, you know that she cribbed it from some lobbyist email letter, and wrote her “you betchas” in the margins and turned it in to the poor copy editor.

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0 Responses to Mooselini writes!

  1. If someone loves collecting bottle caps and enjoys trading them with others, who are you to judge?


  2. SkinnyDennis says:

    Has to be about 1,000 words, and only 1 “also”?


  3. wagonjak says:

    I can’t believe articles like this rambling Palin effort on a subject she knows nothing about and has nothing in the way of fixes appeals to anyone but that 25-30% base of true believers…this is a laughing matter in the progblogs, it’ll be interesting to see if there are any ripples of this in the MSM.

    In the same way I can’t believe any thinking person could not be offended and angry at the way Sessions, Kyle, and Lindsay Graham badgered Sotomayor today…I just hope she gets a little bit more aggressive and starts hitting back. All the carefully coded words fooled no one…

    PS All the breaks for comments and ads seem to occur during the Dem’s questions…did you get that feeling? Cable TV loves conflict.


    • Tengrain says:

      Wagonjak – I was watching it on the internet, so it was uninterrupted. That said, it was rather like a gang assault on the Wise Latina. You can say it with a smile (Miss Lindsey) or with a snear (Sessions), but that was an astonishing display a pure disdain for women and minorities – and crossed the line into abject racism and sexism at several points.

      As for Mooselini, it was fun to read, wasn’t it? You could tell here and there the parts that she probably actually wrote (the poorly written snide stuff), and the parts that came from the industry. The poor copy editor didn’t have a chance to try to make it read like it came from one, non-schizophrenic person. Bet me that there will be someone looking for a new job at the WaPo after the dust settles.




  4. raceynora says:

    Was her part done in red or green crayon?


  5. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpThirdCousinOnceRemovedClyde says:

    You just know the first time she did it with a fisherman it was Cap’n Trade.

    Still, by whatever flukey reasoning that passes as intelligence there is in this cockamamie world, she is right—–C & T is an abject program designed to fleece the taxpayers and enrich the rich while doing little to actually address pollution.

    soorry to say I have not read her actual remarks about it yet—I have trouble reading anything connected to her mind waves, I am sure you understand