OK, I gave this image to Twitter first, so sue me

Dana Milbank, AKA, the Dickwhisperer, hard at work.

Dana Milbank, after a heated debate, whispered to Nico Pitney, You’re such a dick, thus earning himself the immortal nickname as “The Dick Whisperer.” This has lead to a hash tag on Twitter #Dickwhisperer and much derision.

The cause of the whole affaire? That upstart blogger, Pitney, got invited to the Carebear’s press conference (thus pretty much insuring that he would be called upon), because he has been in contact with, and aggregating comments from inside Iran during the crackdown. In other words, he was doing what journalists should do. The Carebear called on Pitney, Pitney asked a tough question that the Carebear tried to dodge, and the presser continued.

The inside the beltway crowd went nuts, but none more so than the Dick Whisperer who has devoted two WaPo columns to Pitney and generally made an ass of himself on CNN cable trying to take down a blogger.

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0 Responses to OK, I gave this image to Twitter first, so sue me

  1. raceynora says:

    Stopped reading that dick long before he was dis-invited to appear on Countdown. He thinks he is funny and has a smirk almost as bad as Chimpy when he thinks he made a funny!


  2. Lisa says:

    I do like it when Wonkette calls him Mrs. Milbank.


  3. Zaius Nation says:

    If a dick whispers in the woods, does it deserve media coverage?