Pop Quiz!

(Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

Caption this photo as if you were a member of the dying elephant party. Answers in the comments.

ALSO: Special request from Rev Phat in comment #1 for the Million Can March. Do we have any 6-degrees of separation to Rachel Maddow? — and a gentle reminder to let Rev Phat know what sort of success you are having getting food to your local food bank, Scissorheads

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0 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. raceynora says:

    “It is so nice to see them in their natural element.”


  2. RevPhat says:

    Sorry Tengrain, I’m no good at these caption things. I see yummy herbs and it makes me think of our Million Can March. It’s starting to pick up steam. So far 170 items have been donated, so only 999,830 to go. I’m trying to get Rachel Maddow’s attention and I need everyone’s help. If all you scissorheads would email her – often – maybe she’d mention us on her show. Her email addy is rachel@msnbc.com You can read my email at http://unrulymob.blogspot.com/2009/06/million-can-march-wants-you.html Thanks for all your help.


  3. two crows says:

    “Organic, Schmorganic! All those health nuts oughta be taken out and shot! THAT would save our
    health care problems. Take drugs–like me!” — Rush L.


  4. moeman says:

    Next thing you know they’ll want it legalized.


  5. libhomo says:

    “The evil terrorist Michele Obama brainwashes an innocent child into believing in communism and Islam using a plant as a bribe.”


  6. liberaldemdave says:

    southern conservatard edition:

    “why, that uppity niggrah didn’t even plant a row of cotton”


  7. Tengrain says:

    I’m giving bonus points to Lockwood and libhomo.

    The textbook answer, of course, is:

    “Kommisar of Agriculture explains to a child laborer how the collective works to grow food and yet still starve.”