The “Just Say No” Chronicles, cont.

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With a tug by Nancy Reagan on the blue shroud, a smiling Ronald Wilson Reagan was unveiled today in bronze under the United States Capitol Rotunda.

“Sweet Jebus,” Nancy did not murmur as she felt up Weepy, “you got no junk in the trunk. Outta my way, Orange-boy,” she did not add, “‘I’m going to hump the bronze.”

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  1. The question is: Why is Reagan smiling?


  2. Pharmakeus Ubik says:

    He’s smiling for the same reason he always smiled, because he’s selling shit wrapped like a birthday present.


  3. I’ll give you a gold star for that even if Tengrain won’t.


  4. Utah Savage says:

    After Nancy’s meeting with Obama, yesterday, I’m betting she has a soft spot (no not the one in her brain) for the tall graceful black man. I’m also wondering if she asked him to fetch her a martini. I’ll bet she can’t stand the orange man at all. He’s merely a substitute for serviceable cane.


  5. liberality says:

    I can understand her being emotional. Still Reagan was a horrible president who led this country down the wrong path. Okay, so I have NO sense of humor I admit it 😉


    • Tengrain says:

      I’ll up your no-sense-of-humor and raise you five you-swines: Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign was (and continues to be) our single greatest societal debacle; as her husband’s trickle-down economics was to our crashed economy, Just Say No was to our society. She is directly responsible for our draconian drug laws, the largest number of incarcerated citizens of any country in the world, and some might even point out our misguided policies that financed the Taliban. You want the law of unintended consequences, look no farther.

      And all this to give her a PR make-over from her stealing couture and going on a china buying binge.

      I don’t take prisoners, Nancy can suck it.


      PS – she was many months preggers with Patti when she married Ronnie.


  6. wagonjak says:

    Nothing against Nancy, but the continued canonization of Saint Ronnie by Republicans, with help from O and the Dems, just sickens me.

    This man was nothing but a joking, script reading, actor for the power structure, manipulated into doing their bidding and dirty work for eight whole years (or six/seven anyway, apparently Nanc ran the government the last year or so since he had such a serious case of Alzheimers that he could hardly read his scripted lines anymore).

    Under his leaderships we were illegally selling weapons to Iran, a declared enemy at the time (not even to mention the amazing coincidence of Iran releasing US prisoners the day he was sworn in)…he intensified the war against unions and the working man, and gave huge breaks to his buddies in the Corporations. The national debt skyrocketed again, and he did his best to drown the US government in the bath tub.

    Reagan was the same kind of puppet Bush jr. was, with the same sad results, but somehow he’s become some heroic figure these days.


  7. you know this party is on crack when Boner gets a boner from Nancy Reagan

    and not only is nancy as ass who can suck it, she had shitty taste in china and clothing


  8. I wonder if that is Nancy’s “O-Face”?

    (I arrived in NJ in 1986 in the middle of the Reagan madness. As an outsider, I could not believe the fawning and arse-kissing this silly old man generated. That a senile out-of-work actor could gain the office of President, and then be the puppet talking-head for a superpower did my own head in. I watched Gorbachev meet the old coot and cringed at what he must have thought of such a farce. “Trust, but verify”? Oh, please!).


  9. Bruce388 says:

    Raygun’s actions on torture look damn good compared to Chimpy’s. And I couldn’t stand him or his wife Shrivel.


  10. moeman says:

    Ol’ Nanc has the face of someone who has sucked, a lot. She’s probably a swallower.


  11. Mac from Oregon says:

    Swallower? She got him to dump his wife for her. She’s a gargler.


    • Tengrain says:

      She got him to dump his wife for her. She’s a gargler.

      She got him to dump his Oscar-winning wife for her. She’s a yodler.




  12. Kelso's Nuts says:

    Thanks for the props, Bruce.

    [nb: Yes, I do claim Telegraph Wire copyright on the Shrivel nickname.]


  13. moeman: Those were the rumors.


  14. Kelso's Nuts says:

    “Just Say No” is responsible for the on-going civil war in Colombia which has killed 50,000 people per year since THE SHRIVEL first said it.

    MY FAVORITE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT, Bill Clinton, upped the ante to 65,000 people per year with “Plan Colombia.”

    MY FOURTH FAVORITE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT (after Clinton, Ford, and Taft…Lincoln’s party was the REPUBLICAN-UNION PARTY), Barack Obama MUST end Plan Colombia and let the Colombian people vote on a drug legalization referendum.

    If he does, he’ll become my MY FAVORITE US PRESIDENT. He’ll still be THE SOCIALIST OVERLORD, but that’s ok; I like social-democracy.


  15. Mac from Oregon says:

    Tengrain wins!
    I never heard of a yodeler before but the image made me spray coffee this AM.

    WE GOt dee ol lady TOO. Sounds of the Santa Barbara hillside.


  16. Kelso's Nuts says:

    NOPE. PLAN COLOMBIA STAYS. The corpses piles higher. That’s Friendly Fascism I can believe in!


  17. Ed Darrell says:

    Nice to see your blog mentioned at Crooks and Liars. Great photo of the unveiling, by the way.


  18. Chris says:

    Reagan’s positive rating numbers slid badly after he left office. I think the American people got a good case of buyer’s remorse with him. The canonization process with typified with his death with the funeral process that lasted five days (one more than Kennedy, who was assassinated while in office) and ended with the bizarre ritual of the casket being lowered at sunset on the California coast. The word is that he wrote the script for his state funeral and it was 300 pages long. In spite of the round the clock coverage by the media (particularly the fawners at Faux news) the attendance by the general public was not good and the tension between the Bushes and Reagans, hardly helped by Unka Dick Cheney’s somewhat awkward handling of an elderly and eyesight impaired Nancy Reagan at the casket, was clear for all to see. This is the story line of the heroic conservative the Republicans will flog forever and it clouds the reality of one of America’s most confusing and shallow politicians ever.


  19. Batocchio says:

    Wow, what a photo.

    Reagan is smiling because he was a destructive scumbag who’s been sanctified.


  20. gus says:

    just say NO to gop propaganda!

    Reagan = our first clown president….


  21. Suzan says:

    What Kelso’s Nuts said.

    Also, Tengrain wins!


    His wife, Jane Wyman, (I read) hated his guts by Nancy’s time. He was quite promiscuous then (it was the 40’s). There’s a lot of documentation about how she outed him once upon a time. Funny how wingnuts never quote those sources.


  22. robert says:

    reagan was bad actor and worst president ever jr. takes the cake for second worst if you can do that. i was 11 years old when got into office and then i knew he was an asshole. reagan screwed americans so bad ,income has steadly fallen since reagan took office . i hope he love hell . and why doesn’t the statue have him giving the bird like jr. did to americans when stole both elections.