Compare and Contrast Specter-McCain AIPAC donations

The crack research staff at Mock, Paper, Scissors thought it might be instructive to see what the Democratic Party is gaining with Arlen Specter, and as he is often mentioned in the same breath as John McCain. The unit of measure is that feisty Independent-Democrat Joe “Party of One” Lieberman. Or you could look at dollars, if you prefer.

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0 Responses to Compare and Contrast Specter-McCain AIPAC donations

  1. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    Tengrain, you are one graphically funny MFer. I get the impression that you actually enjoyed your statistics class in college, or sadistics as us mathematically challenge called it.


  2. LOVE THIS! A good representative choice of pictures to use for the graph, as well. A dumb and dumber grin like no other…


  3. Wee Mousie says:

    How much a candidate has received from a lobby group is not only a measure of the degree to which he can be bought, it is also a measure of the degree to which the lobby group believes he is worth buying.

    That said, it is my impression that Specter’s move had less to do with the rightness of Specter’s positions vis-a-vis Democratic goals, so much as it was, in view of his chances in the 2010 election, the degree of tightness of Specter’ sphincter.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    “Specter’s sphincter.” Say that fast 10 times.


  5. This post is anti-sphincter!


  6. Let my have my filibuster fantasy! Damn you!


  7. Tom Belt says:

    For the democrats to open their arms and welcome Arlen Specter is an extremely foolish thing to do. Good ol’ Arlen, me thinks, has something in the works and it ain’t good for the country.

    This opportunist has no loyalty to anyone but himself and will do anything to get re-elected. That I believe is fact. Now consider if he were a mole. He will be in a position in 2011 to chair at least three committees and he has consistantly voted against recommendations by those committees. With his chairmanship on these committees and sub-commitees he will be in a position to not allow a vote to be brought forward.

    I do not trust this man. Then again, I don’t trust anyone that is elected to office.

    I believe he is going to wind up being the proverbial thorn in the side of the democratic party.


  8. libhomo says:

    People misunderstand the role of AIPAC. It has very little real power. If they weren’t advancing the agenda of Big Oil, mercenary companies, and arms merchants, they wouldn’t get the time of day in Congress. They are pawns, not queens.


  9. Driveby Commenter says:

    So, you’re telling us that what the Dems have gained with Specter is a higher class whore than either Mcain or Lieberman is.


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