The New Math

This post is dedicated to Lockwood who won the contest to re-nickname Meghan McCain, previously known in these parts as “Butterball.” We decided to re-christen Meghan when it was pointed out, repeatedly, that “butterball” could be interpreted as being fat-phobic. We here at MPS are anything but: we don’t like bobble-headed, stick figured women, especially of the GOP kind. We do have a thing for dangerous curves, whether it is on a road or on one of our favorite GOP spokes persons.

(Grandpa Walnuts plus a lot of money (C-Word?), squared) minus (the bobble-headed and hate-filled twig figures of the GOP as exemplified by Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham) divided by the mysterious no one-knows-what-it-really-is Soylent Green equals our favorite GOP spokesmodel, the very curvey and pretty heiress and free-thinking Meghan McCain, AKA Soylent Blonde.

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0 Responses to The New Math

  1. Mr E says:

    I love the mathematical statements. Soylent Blonde it is then huh.

    She is literally the best thing to come out of the GOP in my life. I’m still open to having her jon ranks, but only if she’s better than Evan “Almost VP” Bayh. On second thought, she would have to pass some kinda test, lets see:

    1. Down with equality: check
    2. Coulter/Ingraham are dipshit liars: Check

    Okay, I know whats missing. She must say that Limpdough is a crazy freeper…..and not backtrack at all.

    If she does that, I’ll pray to the flying spaghetti monster for her.


  2. Lockwood says:

    I’m very pleased. I have been saying for the better part of a year that Libs need to encourage and give due respect to intelligent, reasonable, sane conservatives- a critically endangered species. MM, henceforth Soylent Blonde, has repeatedly impressed me as that kind of conservative. All of us, of whatever political leaning, would benefit from listening to what she has to say. Not sayin’ I’m going to agree with everything, just sayin’ I’ll listen.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    I congratulate Lockwood on a successful campaign, even though the numerous voting irregularities concern me. It’s time to move forward together and heal the wounds from this divisive time. Even though tempers flared at times, and things were said that I’m sure we all regret, we have to remember: We Are All Scissorheads.


  4. dguzman says:

    Yeah, baby!


  5. way to go lockwood