From the blonde files…

Woman to 911: Help! I’m locked inside my car.

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0 Responses to From the blonde files…

  1. Sorghum Crow says:

    Thank god for cell phones!


  2. Wee Mousie says:

    I’m surprised she remembered the number for 911.


  3. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    A Palin supporter?


  4. Perturbed says:

    I think that woman’s watched too much Family Guy.

    Betsy was here!


  5. lsamsa says:

    I hope this woman isn’t in charge of anything other than herself.


  6. Are we sure it wasn’t a convertible?


  7. raceynora says:

    And, on Friday, Schuster reported on Countdown about the man [drunk, of course] who managed to drive his Ferrari onto some train tracks. He called 911 to report he was lost and train was coming. “Get out of the car” were the immediate instructions from 911. He climbed out and a few seconds later the Ferrari was a wasted bunch of metal and rubber! Too stupid to have a driver’s license – the competition is stiff!