Watching Prop 8 being litigated…


If you cannot get in there, try ABC:

Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.

UPDATE: the court is adjourned – I removed the live feed from the post.

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0 Responses to Watching Prop 8 being litigated…

  1. So, any thoughts as to how it went? I was really busy today and didn’t follow the argument.


  2. Tengrain says:

    Great legal scholar that I am… I have no idea. The SF Chron is saying it went in Prop 8’s favor.

    Starr was very slick and professional, and he followed this doofus from the California Attorney General’s office who was a) embarassing, b) unprepared, c) stammering and dressed like a clown, d) all of the above. I did not think Starr’s argument was very good, but as I noted, I am not an attorney.

    By the end of it I think all the justices had at various points argued both sides. I suspect that none of them were persuaded by anything today and I would not be a bit surprised if the ruling comes down quickly (I would not be surprised if they already had it written, in fact). And here is my guess:

    I think they will let the existing marriages stand (because when they happened they were legal), but not overturn the election/amendment/revision whatever it is called.





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