No word on…

Firedog Lake

…whether Malkkkin burned down the Reichstag.

Granted, you are not reponsible for the people around you, but Malkkkin must be crazier than a shit-house rat if she didn’t think that would get out. And she’s such a media whore, of course she knew this was going to get out. Wingnuttia skin heads are probably really conflicted at this point.

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0 Responses to No word on…

  1. raceynora says:

    Keeping it classy – as always!


  2. Bruce388 says:

    She looks right at home.


  3. Wee Mousie says:

    That’s the only photo I have seen of Malkin where her eyes don’t cover more area than her head.

    Are you certain she isn’t passed out, drunk?


  4. Kelso's Nuts says:

    Michelle Malkin. I’m sorry. I know that she’s from the Phillipines and she was married to some Jewish guy in Miami and that’s how she got this weirdly Diasporal Askenaskic name. Like Sarah Palin. I went to school with a Jennifer Malkin and a Dorothy Palin and those were Jewish girls. They weren’t going to be anywhere near racist, Nazi, signs.

    I believe in freedom of expression and if her name is really Gladdyis Sanjoygla or Hu Flung Dung but if she’s living on the East Coast where there is an enormous Askenazic population, that’s fine. She’s practicing what she preaches and is struggling with her English and has taken on a majority name and as far as I know has not petitioned any city agencies where she loves to print phonebooks in Tagalog. Good for her.

    It’s just weird is all. The other famous Malkin is Evgeni Malkin, all-star forward on the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is from Moscow, Russia and is a Jew. That’s the natural order of things. When you have someone whose real name is Hu Flung Dung and she’s using a common name from an ethnic group which is not only not her own but also one which voted 80% for Obama, everything’s off kilter and making me seasick.