Shorter Christian Bale:

Never read the Readers Digest Building a better vocabulary articles.

Oh, most def NSFW — unless you have earphones.

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  1. Scissorhead Lurker says:

    Delighted to hear another British actor/actress woefully trying to adopt an American accent even if it is in an off camera incident.

    I’m assuming he wrote his own Wiki entry – “Bale is known for his mastery of accents and harsh regimens of shedding and gaining weight….”. Well any fool can put on and maybe even lose the weight but failing to perfect an accent – now that really is AMATEUR.

    Yes, Lurker, we americans almost never can do a plausible Brit accent. I keep thinking of “Bridget Jones Diary” and think the title should be amended to “Bridget Jone’s Diary, Y’all.” Sorry that we slaughter your native tongue, but if you Brits would just learn to speak Amerkin, you’d do better. Rgds, T.G.


  2. Bubs says:

    Wow. Classy. What’s really funny about it is that he won’t stop. I mean, letting out with an expletive or two is one thing, but he goes on and on and on. What a hoot!

    All that and he is (in my opinion anyway) a kind of mediocre actor. I guess anyone can be a prima donna these days. Rgds, T.G.


  3. Oh, so swearing makes one a fucking prima donna? Chauffeur, please take me away from this uncouth rabble.

    Think about it, Graves. Bale is in a Terminator movie. I mean, how hard does he have to emote for the camera, worry about his motivation, or for that matter even worry about his lines. All he has to do is point and shoot at things. There’s a freakin’ acadamy award out there for him that he will never get because the sound designer walked on the set, poor misunderstood bastard. Rgds, T.G.


  4. Blue Gal says:

    But why can’t Barney Frank take a Christian Bale pill before he goes on the Sunday Shows.

    OH FUCK! Now *I* have to go off and make a FILM. From my sickbed! Fuck! (Thanks, Ten.)

    Oh, crap. Now I done did it. Rgds, T.G.


  5. raceynora says:

    Does he really think he has any talent as an actor? Pinhead!