How will you celebrate…

Blogroll Amnesty Day?

The God Mother of all small bloggers, Blue Gal, has the details. Go there, read up, and participate. It’s important.

Oh, and small in this instance refers to the number of links a blog gets, not pettiness.

UPDATE: to find out how “big” a blogger you are, you can go to and in the searchbar at the top, enter the URL that you are interested in. For instance, here is Mock, Paper, Scissors. The number listed next to authority is the relative size.

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0 Responses to How will you celebrate…

  1. libhomo says:

    Dumb question. How do you know how much traffic other blogs get? Do you make an assumption based on the numbers of comments they get?


  2. Blue Gal says:

    lib you can check their technorati numbers. That’s a good indication.

    Thanks for running the video, Tengrain honey!


  3. What do you do when you average less than twenty hits a day? Hey, I’m in the top one million coming in at 681,482. Watch out top ten here I come! Who Hoo!

    Then, Chef, you are likely to be the recipient of some linky-luv on Blogroll Amnesty Day! Rgds, T.G.


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