Presenting the new Diane Sawyer!

Drunk and loving it! And I didn’t think she and Pickles got along that well. Who knew?

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0 Responses to Presenting the new Diane Sawyer!

  1. Oh man… That is too funny! Looks like she is barely using the column to stand up there…


  2. liberaldemdave says:

    OMG! first diane, and now anderson cooper!

    I inserted it for you (a-hem), Dave. Rgds, T.G.


  3. Wee Mousie says:

    Somebody has been drinking champagne out of her own high-topped, black, leather slipper.


  4. Wee Mousie says:

    Also known as the Hoochie Gucci,


  5. Freida Bee says:

    I’ve thought Diane Sawyer seemed drunk on more than one occasion, I’ll say that. They covered it up with Laura by never hardly having her talk.


  6. Okay, when did she become queen lusheen and why didn’t I get the memo?! OMG, THE SHAME. So happy you posted this. Laaas me some Tengrain.


  7. liberaldemdave says:

    thx, ‘grain, for the ahem “insertion”. i do have me a li’l man-crush on anderson.


  8. dguzman says:

    Whoa! I had no idea, but really–is there any other explanation? Wow, Diane. WTF?


  9. it’s so EASY when w is your standard, but suddenly all the talent is revealed to have, um, no talent?

    i LOVE these, and now feel QUITE emboldened with the prospects of MY radio career: i can talk MUCH better than those folks when i’m drunk.



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