What, they needed manicures now?

The government on Monday provided new financial assistance to troubled insurance giant American International Group, including pouring $40 billion into the company in return for partial ownership.

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0 Responses to What, they needed manicures now?

  1. Sorghum Crow says:

    At this point they could afford to manicure their manicures. Bastids.


  2. DCup says:

    I think they’ve run out of toilet paper and their gold bidets are broken.


  3. bruce388 says:

    Those Italian suits aren’t cheap. Sarah Palin can tell you how expensive clothes can be. Maybe they want Todd Palin type silk underwear.


  4. once a sink hole, always a sink hole

    i will be amazed if by the time Obama gets into office there is ANYTHING left


  5. liberaldemdave says:

    oh, the irony…an INSURANCE company needing a bail out.

    sweet jumpin’ jeebus hussein on toast points.


  6. Utah Savage says:

    High Colonics for everyone!