So I gave Blue Gal a kiss goodbye and cab fare this morning…

…always leave ’em wanting more.

(Actually, we shared a cab to the airport.)

And Reagan is as good an airport as he was a president.

I’m happy to be heading home!



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0 Responses to So I gave Blue Gal a kiss goodbye and cab fare this morning…

  1. kellydog says:

    Boy, you and airports … 😉

    I hate, Hate, HATE this airport. Rgds, T.G.


  2. zoe says:

    Safe trip.
    See ya’ Monday.


  3. tommyspoon says:

    ‘Grain? Allow me to offer you a DC vocabulary lesson: NOBODY in the DC area refers to the airport by that man’s name. It’s NATIONAL AIRPORT. Period.

    OK, lesson over. 😉

    TommySpoon – It did not register on me that you live in the area – dammit, I should have asked you to swing by! Oh, and the cab driver looked blank when we called it Reagan this afternoon, and the porter from the hotel gave me and Blue Gal a glinty eye, and he told the cabbie “National.” Ha! Rgds, T.G.


  4. Blue Gal says:

    Just like in the cab he doesn’t waste any time.

    He kissed the girls and made ’em cry. DCup swears she’ll never wash her lips again. An’ I’m so glad that cabbie kept his eyes on the road.

    I suggested to DCup that she at least wait until the lab tests come back… Rgds, T.G.

    Ha! Thanks honey for the cab ride and the help given my poor broken ankle. Love on ya and it was fab to meet you. xoxo


  5. DCup says:

    You are such a heartbreaker, Ten. Mwah!

    It was wonderful to meet you.


  6. boy you charmed them all — no wonder i ran off to the air and space museum



  7. tommyspoon says:

    If you hate today’s National Airport, just be thankful that this wasn’t 20 years ago. I used to drive to BWI to pick folks up because National was a pit! It’s gotten much better with the addition of the Metro Station and a better division of drop-off and pickup lanes.

    Please shoot me an email the next time you’re in town. I’ll show you the real DC. First stop, 14th and U Streets, NW, where I can show you where I danced, shouted, hugged, high-fived, and kissed total strangers on Election Night 2008 until 2 AM. And then I got a chili dog at Ben’s Chili Bowl. Just because. 😉


  8. Batocchio says:

    Ah, I see now tommyspoon covered this already… I grew up in the D.C. area, and many of the locals still refuse to call it “Reagan National”… It’s just National. And yes, it used to be far worse. Glad you all had fun!


  9. rehctaw says:

    I tried to get it called Irony Airport, but it just never caught on.