Tengrain Presents…

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  1. Freida Bee says:

    Hey- I thought these were supposed to be funny….

    This is the one week of my life when I have been very greatful that I have no money in a bank or period. I’m just upset that I am not already growing my own food yet. At least we have wood and a wood burning stove for the winter. Time to plant some winter fare.


  2. Freida Bee says:

    uh- grateful too


  3. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Well done, T!

    I thought Paula Poundstone on NPR had a great idea yesterday.
    She said, “Now that the dollar has lost all value, maybe we should put George Bush’s face on it?”


  4. republicanSScareme says:

    The real ugliness of this economic collapse is that it was deliberately engineered by the criminal rich. Those responsible should be hanged or crucified.

    I’d love to joke around but we’ve all been royally screwed.


  5. Tengrain says:

    This is what happens when I have insomnia, folks…


    (Who now is jittery from too much coffee)


  6. drink coffee all the time my friend..
    you explain this better than any one of the idiots bush sends around to show how good he is

    this bailout– from what i am reading
    is REALLY bad


  7. Christopher says:

    Insomnia and a lot of creativity.

    Really well done.


  8. Standing ovation!
    If only federal “leaders” were as accomplished as you, Tengrain.
    Actually, I’d settle for any semblance of ability or ethics at the federal helm.


  9. DCup says:

    Well, they can’t take our sense of humor away from us! Great work, Mr. Grain!


  10. BettyJeanLee says:

    Where’s Sarbanes-Oxley when you need it?

    Oh, there it is! Still sitting there, unused, on the books.

    So…why aren’t we using it? We pwn them now, don’t we?

    Lets prosecute us some corporate officers. Hmm?


  11. darkblack says:

    So, this is George and Dick’s last chance to have their rich piggie pals snout up to the public trough before the whole f-in’ farm sinks into the silage pond.


    And well done, T.


  12. Wee Mousie says:

    I understand that so far, the Bush McSwine herd has handed over the equivalence in debt to a year of war in Iraq, only without the entertainment of its accompanying torture and murder.


  13. Tengrain says:

    This is math, folks. You have to balance both sides of the equation, and no one knows how big the debt problems is. I’ve read that $45 TRILLION is one working estimate of the debt. Even if this ill-advised scheme were to be adopted (and I have every reason to believe that the Democrats are going to roll over and play dead) it won’t fix the problem.

    But what it will do — if the Dems fall for it again, Gawd, I crack myself up! — is to reinforce the notion that the Democrats are bad with money and the GOP is leading the way. I sometimes think that Pelosi is working for Chimpy.




  14. FranIAm says:

    Oh my – you have produced another outstanding volume. Hanky’s Panky- that is really good. Too bad it is too true, so sad and very fucked up!


  15. Morse says:

    I’d laugh except that I just lost everything. No seriously(?) Ten, great piece.


  16. Pitch perfect. Wish I could laugh, but I have spent the last few years trying to squirrel away a few dollars and now I wonder why. The dollar is losing value, so every saved dollar is worth less. So where is the incentive to save?

    Oh, and I’m blogging this. Well done.


  17. Zaius Nation says:

    Ack! Don’t be mean to Nancy Pelosi! ;o)


  18. How fucked up is this??? How VERY fucked up is this????????????

    A MILLION PLUS working class American families loose their homes, their life savings, their children’s chance at a college education, the hopes and dreams of generations to come,

    …and we’re powerless to help. “Sorry Folks, you were imprudent, die in poverty.”

    But then the Haves start to lose a bit of their Fabulous Excess, and the whole damned world springs into action to stave off the losses, and once again We The Sheeple bend over and receive the Bounty of the Feds.

    I’m SO proud to be a recipient of the Governmental Largess being proffered here.

    Except that, um, I’m not.


  19. Looks like he’s got his panky’s in a bunch…or is he just Hankering for a thonger stimulus for his package, and gartering the economy so stockings don’t fall?

    Oh, well, no time to lingerie here.

    Gotta go, brah.



  20. zoe says:

    As usual, spot on and incredibly well done. Thank you again.


  21. ellroon says:

    Have linked to this stupendousness. Gonna give me nightmares though.


  22. you gots linkerated from me because you are teh awesomeness. brilliant, as usual! i bask in the luminous glow of your magnificence.


  23. You have so nailed this! And I will link it on my overly wordly post today.


  24. Spartacus says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner Ten… It’s been a busy week for all, no? Nice work here. Dead on, but you make Pelosi look good here.