Run for it, Scissorheads!

Senator Joe Biden takes the stage after being introduced by Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate at a campaign event at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, August 23, 2008. (Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters)
(Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters)

Biden spotted an unguarded mic!

(Hi Crooks & Liars – make yourselves at home. Cold beers in the fridge.)

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0 Responses to Run for it, Scissorheads!

  1. Freida Bee says:

    Apparently, Biden is in favor of folks’ holding up those “Change” signs at intersections. John McCain, on the other hand, thinks them unsightly.


  2. I call bullshit.

    “I raise your bullshit with a fucker.”


  3. moeman says:

    Run Joe Run, to the White House! (and find a way to impeach BushCo.) Thnx.


  4. Tengrain says:

    Frieda – It took me a moment to get it — I ran an errand, and suddenly I understood — and so there I was at an intersection laughing at the change guy. I felt terrible and guilty, and I could not stop laughing.

    Randall – that’s exceeeeeeeeelent! Remind me to play high-stakes poker with you sometime.

    Moeman – let’s see who is going to be Attorney General. I am hoping for Dodd, who will pursue those assrockets to the gates of Crawford.




  5. curds and whey says:

    That’s the dance step Joe does when takin’ hits from the bong.


  6. Batocchio says:


    Still, in the same situation, Giuliani would trample a little girl and mention 9/11 at the same time!