Why is this assrocket always staring at his thumb?

Republican presidential candidate and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) gives a thumbs up to supporters before he gave a foreign policy speech in Denver, Colorado May 27, 2008. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)
(Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Did he just pull it outta his ass, like most of his ideas?

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0 Responses to Why is this assrocket always staring at his thumb?

  1. Sanjuro says:

    It’s an acuity test.

    He’s constantly checking to see if his vision for America extends beyond the reach of his arm.


  2. Which way is the wind blowing?


  3. dguzman says:

    Nice one.


  4. bruce388 says:

    What else would he have that can stand up?


  5. Sorghum Crow says:

    He’s taking a sight, so he can tell if he’s moving.


  6. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Uhhhh . . . Cindy’s on . . . uhhhh . . . an imaginary pedestal and he’s . . . uhhhhh . . . with his thumb . . . . uhhhhh . . . . you know . . . . . .

    She IS a cunt after all.


  7. Dusty says:

    Nope, he didn’t…it aint’ stained brown.


  8. republicanSScareme says:

    The idiot still hasn’t mastered the “Sieg Heil” salute.


  9. he uses his thumb for boogers?