I don’t even have words for this.

Go read Morse’s Media Needle.

I have a lot of respect for some of my blogging friends who support Hillary Clinton, but I think after this, if you still support her it must be a character defect. She is a monster. There is nothing she won’t say, nothing she won’t do, and try to pass it off afterwards as some sort of misstatement?

From the beginning she was my least-favorite candidate (and Obama was close behind – hence the Dressing-on-the-Side to her Iceberg Lettuce), but I have no tolerance for anyone suggesting assasination to get ahead. And if this makes me a sexist, so be it: it’s time to call it quits, Hill. Oh, and Hill? Fuck You.

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  1. Christopher says:

    No decent, honorable and yes, sane, candidate from either political party, suggests they are hanging around in the hopes their rival suffers a Kennedy-esque assassination.

    It’s clear that Hillary Clinton lacks the chip that makes us responsible, moral and human.

    She is a political animal who cares only about Hillary. I do think and I believe that her political career ended today. She will find it very difficult to be reelected in New York to the US Senate. It’s a good thing the Clintons have $109 million in the bank to kick back on.


  2. betmo says:


    she lost my vote when she ran for re-election here in new york- because she was coyly hedging about whether or not she would run for president- while she was running here. well, her blatant lying was enough for me but apparently, there are those in this fine state and around the country who are as cloying, insecure, and annoyingly needy for attention as she. i refer to them as ‘clintonistas’ aka her crazy minions who run around crying ‘misogyny’ while they play every dirty card in the republican playbook against obama. i am a kucinich supporter- so obama is like my fourth choice.


  3. libhomo says:

    It isn’t sexist to object when a politician makes what sounds like a death threat against a political opponent.


  4. kellydog says:

    I threw you a link.


  5. fairlane says:

    Why is it no one ever listens to us Ten?

    Were we not saying she’s a scumbag from the very beginning?

    I hate to beat a dead horse (Well, not really), but Johnny Wingnut was right (I hate admitting when he’s right); Liberals, Democrats or whatever they call themselves are every bit as intolerant as the Wingnuts.

    The Obamaholics use the “Ism” defense just as quickly as Hillarites, as I’ve witnessed numerous Obama supporters whip out the Racism label at the drop of a hat.

    In fact, Liberals use the “Ism’s” so often they’ve rendered them virtually meaningless, and people who are honestly being victimized suffer as a result. Not to mention the fact that they’ve alienated a large segment of our society.

    I cannot understand, after all that’s happened over the last 30 years, how people continue to believe in the Pepsi or Coke political system.

    We’ve suffered for over seven years now at the hands of the most corrupt, and inept administration in modern history. The Democrats should be able to win without even breaking a sweat, but as we all know, it’s very likely John Mc Cain will be our next president.

    I can only deduce that people are either stupid, or, despite the incessant rhetoric, simply don’t give a shit.


  6. Anita says:

    olbermann nailed it. he really did. we’ve (or at least some of us) gave her pass, after pass, after pass, after pass. or, rather, as olbermann states, “we forgave you” … “we forgave you” … and “WE FORGAVE YOU.”

    while i turned away from her as a candidate a long time ago, i’m embarrassed that i continued to give her at least SOME the benefit of the doubt when in fact the evidence was screaming “NO.” a bizarre loyalty to my own gender? i don’t know. i just don’t know.

    i’m embarrassed more for the entire country. that this woman, who was formerly the first lady of the united states, and then the senator from new york, has turned out to be as cold and calculating and ugly and deceitful as people have been saying she is. that she’s not one iota different than the current office holders.

    there is truly a sense of defilement with all this. i feel thoroughly nauseated at this time. i can’t even watch any more of the coverage on tv.


  7. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Perhaps she simply wants Osama Bin Laden dead . . .?

    Maybe she only was referring to how June is so unpredictable a month, what with all the High School and Vocational and College graduations and Geminis coming out of the woodwork and we all know how strange some of them can BE in their inimitable Cain and Abel and Sybil personae and nothing on TV but reruns and lots of weddings with the weather still Springlike-unsettled and storms always a threat and lots of people gunning for darkskinned candidates, it’s just such a crapshoot this time of year with all the debt and no chance of winning and . . .


  8. stringer says:

    C’mon mate, she wasn’t suggesting assassination. She was referencing the TIMING … fair go. the willingness of everyone to jump on this woman at every opportunity is bordering on insanity in its own right. she’s not going to get the nomination, so what are you all so scared of. just let her spend her money and satisfy her own need to fight every primary and it will all end soon. chill out.


  9. Morse says:

    I think the lady in the pants suit just sang.


  10. BettyJeanLee says:


    it’s called “preterition” — emphasizing something by seeming to mention it only in passing. It’s a well established, if dirty and underhanded, rhetorical trick, intended to plant an idea in peoples’ minds in such a way that the speaker can’t technically be accused of explicitly connecting all the dots for them.

    And if you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t be surprised, since I’m sure all those rumors about you beating your wife are untrue.

    See what I mean?


  11. FranIam says:

    Your words sum this up better than anyone else’s I have read. This is a sad and tragic moment in a campaign filled with them, this is the most tragic.

    Like you, I have (we have them in common!) many Hillary supporting blog friends. In all due respect, that she said this and then tried to explain it all away really means she has no connection to any objective reality.


  12. What, no picture?


  13. anita summed it up i’m embarrassed more for the entire country. that this woman, who was formerly the first lady of the united states, and then the senator from new york, has turned out to be as cold and calculating and ugly and deceitful as people have been saying she is. that she’s not one iota different than the current office holders.

    she is Bush Lite. a bad 3.2% beer — AKA piss water

    she cares NOTHING about this country — only her agenda… i SO hope this puts her in the dustbin of history — Hillary in 2012 — i am writing in Donald Duck before i ever ever ever vote for you again


  14. JRT says:

    I’m with Stringer on this. I think the reaction to this borders on hysterical, in every sense of the word. The woman is toast. There is nothing you can say that hasn’t been said. Give it a rest. She may and may not have meant it the way you are taking it. And get real, the bullseye has always been there.

    I must say, having read all the posts, is there ANYONE who would satisfy you people? I mean, if Obama doesn’t, your bar is set too high. I have been watching these campaigns for 40 years, except for the part of me died with Bobby Kennedy. There hasn’t been ANYONE, candidate or not, that held out any hope. Till now.

    My education is political science and American history. Trust me, there will never be a better candidate than Obama, warts and all. The system just doesn’t allow it. Only a pervasive and profound dissatisfaction with a catastrophic administration, with a major boost from the (usually) young and apathetic has afforded us this opportunity. If we fail to seize it because he is not PERFECT, then we deserve the future that will unfold.


  15. Tengrain, sometimes harsh words are necessary. They hold more weight for your infrequent use of them. These are the times that try men’s souls.


  16. Tengrain says:

    JRT –

    I agree with you more than you might realize. Still, I am not so cynical as to be excited about voting for the lesser of two evils. I will always expect and demand more from my public servants, and I will always vote my conscience, even when it means “wasting my vote” on an unlikely third party candidate. (Not your words, mine. But I’m nothing if not honest with myself.)

    The bar should be set high – always.




  17. Dt. Monkey says:

    Dude, you’re missing the point. In addiion to all her others great attributes, she’s now a precog like in that shitty Tom Cruise movie a from a few years ago.


  18. republicanSScareme says:

    I’ll vote for Obama and keep my fingers crossed. He certainly is more intelligent and sincere than either Hillary or McPain.


  19. Excellent post, Tengrain. Monster nails it. Ok, I can think of another word, but monster is almost as good.


  20. stringer says:

    Thanks JRT … look, don’t get me wrong, people. Clinton has fucked up on many many levels through this process. Some people call it showing her true colours, some people call it a tin ear bordering on incompetence … me, i’m somewhere in the middle – and the fact I’m female (and gay) has, i admit, tipped me in her direction more often than not.

    But it’s all irrelevant. She’s not going to be the nominee. Not this year, and, I believe, not in 2012 either, regardless of who wins in November. Chelsea’s got more chance.

    Wonder what would happen if the media just ignored her between now and the final decision. I suspect our collective blood pressures would relax a tad.



  21. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Leave it to Beaver.

    And THAT is my most misogynistic snark I have yet posted.

    Thank you, try the veal.



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