This cracks me up

She’ll be ready on Day 1 if someone else gets her the coffee, I guess.

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0 Responses to This cracks me up

  1. Should she get elected, I hope the phone is something she can handle at 3 a.m. w/o having to have a cuppa first…

    Jeepers…Hill’ – unless you know how to mess w/the inner-workings of that coffee machine, try it once and then ask for assistance…otherwise, you just look stoopid.



  2. raceynora says:

    In her defense – we are the same age – I don’t know how to make coffee – I don’t drink it – I don’t know how to work most fast food machines since I don’t eat them! Folks – let’s focus on the issues here – y’all are starting to remind me of the MSM and I love you too much for that.


  3. Sorghum Crow says:

    The best mash up interlaces this with the scenes and voice over from the three AM phone call commercial.


  4. Elspeth R says:

    Hey, she ‘started’ it – she says Obama doesn’t have the experience to be President, well, she’s giving the coffee machine a go and she obviously doesn’t know how to make it work…but she’s trying. Did she ever get her coffee to come out?
    And if in case she doesn’t drink coffee, why is she jacking with the machine? Is she trying her bit at being “folksy” and appearing to not have a clue? Or has enough of her staff floated away and are not available to assist her or do it for her?
    Just askin’


  5. Bruce388 says:

    Those damn elitist coffee machines.


  6. The music was just perfect for the video. And raceynora, if Hill is a coffee drinker then her biggest mistake was her willingness to drink the crap that comes out of those machines. I refuse. Just saying.



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