I think the Rapture Meter just went off the scales.

Pope Benedict XVI says farewell to Vice President Dick Cheney as his wife Lynne, center, look on, at New York's JFK International Airport, during a farewell ceremony on Sunday, April, 20, 2008. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)
(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

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0 Responses to I think the Rapture Meter just went off the scales.

  1. FranIam says:

    My eyes – they are burning! Eye wash, internet eye wash station alert please!

    Oh Ten – this makes twice. You dastardly blogger you. Next think you know it will be my chastity that goes flying out the damn window! Truly I am a fool for you!!


  2. Wha…??!?! Is Lynne officiating the gay union of the Pope and Unca Darth? Now that IS f*cked up on many, many levels…


  3. republicanSScareme says:

    I’ll send you a Christmas card if you’ll send me one.


  4. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    “No, Mr Cheney, I don’t hunt quail —but thank you for asking.”


  5. “See you in hell, Father,” Cheney did not say. “You first, douchebag,” the Nazi pope did not retort.


  6. wardropper says:

    “Are you telling me that if I become a Catholic I can nuke the whole Middle East and still be absolved, just by going to Confession?” And I thought that Karl Rove was the one with all the answers . . .”


  7. Menzo says:

    Luke I am your father.


  8. bruce388 says:

    I hope Blam-Blam didn’t tell him about the lesbian daughter.


  9. Darth Sidious hands the the crown over to his apprentice Lord Vader.


  10. Rascal Cat says:

    “Your Holiness, Satan.” “Dick, the Pope.”


  11. father ben dover says:

    “Go ahead. Pull a finger. Any finger….”


  12. Erik says:

    How many rich old white men does it take to rape you Physically and Financially? Just Two.


  13. Tengrain says:

    Oh, man, you Crooks and Liars are good!

    I cannot award a winner here, but I hope I can welcome some new Scissorheads to the fold.

    Good job, well done.