How’s that surge workin’ for ya, Chimpy?

President Bush delivers remarks on the 'Global War on Terror', Thursday, March 27, 2008, at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Diplomats told to take cover in Baghdad

WASHINGTON – The State Department has instructed all personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad not to leave reinforced structures due to incoming insurgent rocket fire that has killed two American government workers this week.

In a memo sent Thursday to embassy staff and obtained by The Associated Press, the department says employees are required to wear helmets, body armor and other protective gear if they must venture outside and strongly advises them to sleep in blast-resistant locations instead of the less secure trailers that most occupy.

“Due to the continuing threat of indirect fire in the International Zone, all personnel are advised to remain under hard cover at all times,” it says. “Personnel should only move outside of hard cover for essential reasons.”

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0 Responses to How’s that surge workin’ for ya, Chimpy?

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Boy. Good thing the insurgency is in its last throes.


  2. Just waiting for the helicopters to scoop them all off the half-completed roof of the mega-embassy they are building with our money. You know it’s coming.


  3. Tengrain says:

    Ah, “The Killing Fields” moment, eh Pissed?




  4. distributorcap says:

    the surge is working. i dont care what anyone says
    (chimpy steals quotes from mccain)


  5. willis says:

    Sounds like just another day in Indiana.


  6. watchdog says:

    Speaking as a US soldier who was in the IZ up until this past saturday, this is terrible news. the trailors we were living in are big tin cans but they had beds and showers. The only fortified shelter would be the palace embassy (dont know where the mega embassy is, dont think its in the IZ)and I heard the palace caught on fire. There are duck and cover bunkers all over the place but thats not real shelter (imagine a concrete barrier that is just an upside down U with sandbags bracing it). The area always gets mortared and rocket attacked, that is why the people stationed there no longer call it the green zone, we simply call it IZ (International Zone).


  7. Tengrain says:

    It is terrible news, Watchdog. And it is why it is incredible that Chimpy continues to say that everthing is just dandy, and that the attacks are proof that the surge is working. You don’t say where you are now, but I hope you stay safe.