Scissorheads: It’s coming. Soon.

UPDATE: I’m floating this near the top to keep it in everyone’s mind. Let me know if you want a copy of the logo – I made a “side-bar” sized version, too.



The 2008 Blog Against Theocracy is coming to the blog-o-sphere Easter weekend, March 21 – 23. As many of you recall, this event is where so many of us met for the first time (Hello to HJ, for instance), it is the premier lefty blogging event of the year.

And yes, I am designing a new logo for it. Blue Gal and I are collaborating on it once again, which I gotta tell you, is a delight… if only all my graphics clients were this smart, easy, and collaborative to work with.

The theme, like always, is the Separation of Church and State — we are for it. But the variations on the theme are many, and we scored the widest range of responses. This is not a bashing of religion – peeps can believe what they choose, however they choose — but it is a reminder that the Government should keep out of religion, and Religion should keep out of the government. A great resource for ideas can be found at our good friends, First Freedom First. Many of you know FFF already. They are not sponsors of the Blog Against Theocracy swarm, but they should be beneficiaries.

As I did last year, I will open up Mock, Paper, Scissors to known, loved, and trusted Scissorheads. Last year’s team included:

  • Morse
  • Pissed in NYC
  • Jimy Dean’s Fucked-up Cousin Clyde
  • Commander Other
  • Sorghum Grow

If you are interested in being on Team MPS, please let me know in the comments, and I will make it happen.

Best regards,

The Management


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0 Responses to Scissorheads: It’s coming. Soon.

  1. I’m thinking of what to do as I type. If you have any ideas, offer them up.


  2. ooooh….goody! i was hoping we’d do this again!

    ready, willing and able!


  3. FranIam says:

    Ten- I am most interested in being a part of this and I am very grateful to hear that bashing is not on the agenda.


  4. I’m game.



  5. fairlane says:

    Put me in coach, just promise you won’t test me for steroids.

    I’ve never knowingly or willingly taken them, by the way.


  6. BAC says:

    Yeah … and thanks for the mention! Check your email, Tengrain, I sent you a fun message today.



  7. Sign me up. I will be glad to help.


  8. you can add me — and i will bring the matzo since it is around passover!


  9. Count me in sweetie – I will be doin it from the LGBT perspective


  10. are you wanting us to advertise this and such? i don’t notice anyone sporting the graphic right now. just curious!


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  12. Christopher says:

    The theme, like always, is the Separation of Church and State

    So important. I wish more bloggers, liberals and wingtards alike, embraced this belief and lived by it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


  13. I am there! (current economic issues have pre-empted my much-needed trip to New Orleans…for now…)

    I can contribute from the Witchy side of the yard (where it’s clothing optional!).

    I take it we do this online? (Blog-Against-Theocracy virgin…I’ll admit it)
    Ten, just got your e-mail, will respond that way, too!


  14. Dean Wormer says:

    I’d like to participate this year! I promise not to mock. 🙂


  15. FranIam says:

    Ten I have something for you at my blog.


  16. Traveling Man says:

    You can bet I’ll be blogging about it this year as well. After all, what’s a conspiracy without a Freemason?


    Traveling Man


  17. Shalom… I came to you via FranIam (love that bird).

    This is a great idea and something I’m very passionate about. Church and state is grossly blurred and informs too many choices that affect our lives every day.

    Love this. Glad I found you!


  18. PS: Beautiful blog. You are one fly graphic designer, child.


  19. JoyceD says:

    This sounds like a great idea! Can anyone use that logo on their blog and Blog Against Theocracy in their tags? Or is there more to it? I know a lot of bloggers who’d be interested.


  20. Tengrain says:

    JoyceD – anyone can use the logo on their blog — as long as they participate in the Blog against Theocracy storm.

    Last year we used Blog Against Theocracy in our tags, and the whole thing rose to the top of the Technorati “Hot List,” so please do use that tag.

    I’m glad you are going to participate!




  21. ellroon says:

    Sign me up!


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  23. Paul in ABQ says:

    I read about it at Fran’s and will be joining in!


  24. Diane says:

    I am trying to figure out what to do as a Christian pastor. I hope I am welcome. My feeling is that when a religious group thinks they “own” a political party, it actually turns out to be the other way: it is the party using that religion for their own purposes. Religions don’t need the government telling them what they can and can’t believe, any more than the government needs religions strong-arming them.

    I do believe in the separation of church and state. That being said, I think religious people have a voice, just like everybody else, to express their values. But not in a “this is a Christian nation” sort of way.


  25. Diane, I would imagine you would be quite welcome! Afterall, we aren’t out to bash religion, just the messed up concept of gubmint using religion and vice versa when it is lined out as a “no way, nuh uh, don’t even think about it!” in the Constitution. 🙂
    Peace and all due respect!!!


  26. Caminante says:

    I will be busy writing sermons and such but would like to put the logo on my blog — do I just drag/capture it from yours or do you have code? While I may be clergy, I believe strongly in separation of church and state.


  27. Tengrain says:

    Caminante –

    Just “right click” on it and save it to your hard disk and then use it as you please. You have my blessing!




  28. Tengrain says:

    Diane –

    This is not a religion-bashing event, so please do feel welcome.

    I would no more want the government telling you to not express your faith than I would want the government telling me what I must believe.




  29. Nina says:

    Count me in. I am passionately for everyone living out their faith (or faith in lack of faith, or well-honed doubt, or whatever) and completely against anyone’s faith being in charge.


  30. Spartacus says:

    Tengrain…. I am in. But if you have too many participants, I am willing to work it at my own site and link back to yours, Fran’s and BlueGal’s. Is that cool? Let me know.


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  32. Tengrain says:

    Spartacus — Cross posting is good: more chances for more eyes to read it!




  33. TomCat says:

    Count me in. I did this last year and am happy to do so again, as a Christian who values the Constitution and does not buy the hate-filled dogma of the religious right.


  34. Mauigirl says:

    Count me in as well – this will be my third Blog Against Theocracy since I started blogging! It is a very important issue to me.


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  36. Bruce388 says:

    Tengrain, you can sign me up, but I have to confess my total ignorance on blogging, so don’t expect much.


  37. Perfect timing! Hopefully I’ll get some good suggestions for how to legitimately blow off the Easter egg hunt at my girlfriend’s parents’ house!


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  40. Diane says:

    I did finally write something, pretty late….didn’t know how to link to you.

    Did I tell you I’m a little backward on blogging?

    I did link to the “blog against theocracy” site.


  41. Tengrain says:

    That’s OK, Diane, the important part is that you participated.

    Thank you so much for doing that – we all make a difference!




  42. kam says:

    Hello MPS,

    I was wondering if you could just add an 09 to the Blog Against Theocracy stamp for this year. I have perused the graphics this year and don’t really much care for them….They are too this or too that….Your stamp is just right.

    I’d do it my ownself, but I’m computerily graphics challenged and I’m an artist…..go figure huh.

    Thank You for all you do for the blogosphere and for the cause.




    • Tengrain says:

      Hi Kam –

      Welcome to MPS – it is good to have you with us.

      The graphic you commented on is the 2008 logo – so, if I am reading your request correctly, you want to use the same logo with a new date on it?

      Here it is: