They have a plan to fix the economy!


After consulting with the best and the brightest, Chimpy and the Enablers are said to be near agreement!

Here’s the thing: tax rebates don’t work unless they go to the very poor. The middle classes uses them to pay down debt and the rich just pocket them. Tax cuts don’t work their way through the economy for months (if then). Chimpy’s early tax cuts are still in effect and they have no bearing on stimulating the economy at all.

But the thing that just about everyone is missing is this: to pay for these tax cuts, we are adding to the deficit. China and others who are bankrolling us are watching their investment loose value as the deficit increases and as the interest rates decline. They are going to stop bankrolling us at some point, and then watch the freefall.

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0 Responses to They have a plan to fix the economy!

  1. dguzman says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s gonna be the shitstorm of all time when our benefactors get sick of pouring money into our government’s hole-filled pockets.


  2. Sorghum Crow says:

    F*ck Chimpy. I’ve saving mine until Jan 21, 2009.


  3. Remember to be good little capitalists, boys and girls!


  4. i just wrote it up….


  5. If I get one, I’m saving it too, Sorghum. Fuck Chimpy indeed (with Condi’s dick).