I guess everyone…

Local residents listen to Republican presidential hopeful, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, speak during a campaign stop, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007, in Urbandale, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

…looks down upon the Creature from the White Lagoon.

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0 Responses to I guess everyone…

  1. FranIam says:

    Seeing his logo FRED08 reminded me of the brother character in The Godfather, Freddo.

    We see what happened to him!


  2. cleter says:

    Man, those people are just chock-a-block with the Fredmentum. What a juggernaut he is!

    And I, too, read that sign as Fredo 8.


  3. well i guess it is back to Law and Order reruns for the Young Republicans of Fred


  4. darkblack says:

    I’m reading it as Fredo ‘infinity’ . .That will teach me to watch after-school specials.



  5. cleter says:

    Perhaps Fredo Infinity will be the logo Bush uses after he suspends the election and declares hisself Preznit for Life.


  6. Tengrain says:

    I don’t worry about Chimpy being Preznint fer life, but I do worry about Blam-blam being VP for eternity.




  7. FranIam says:

    Oh Ten… since Blam-blam is of the highest order of the UnDead that walk among us, that is a very real possibility.