Season’s Greetings…

A Naja Ashei, a newly discovered giant spitting cobra measuring nearly nine feet and carrying enough venom to kill at least 15 people, is seen in this picture released by WildlifeDirect December 7, 2007. WildlifeDirect, a conservation group, said the cobras were the world's largest and had been identified as unique. The species has been named Naja Ashei after James Ashe, who founded Bio-Ken snake farm on Kenya's tropical coast where the gigantic serpents are found. REUTERS/WildlifeDirect/Handout

…from the Cheney’s!

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  1. Freida Bee says:

    I saw this today and think that this may be considered more “evidence” for the GOP that global warm(onger)ing is good for the environment. For every 100 or so minor species going out of business with the climate changes, there is a major bad-ass species being discovered.


  2. distributorcap says:

    lynne never looked so good


  3. Mathman6293 says:

    This is one holiday list that I’m glad that my name is missing.


  4. TF-MA says:

    The second “lady’s” posture is unusually arched in this photo – probably a librul within striking distance.