Tengrain Presents…








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15 Responses to Tengrain Presents…

  1. Morse says:

    Bravo, Tengrain!

    I think the answer to where she was lies in a pharmacy of sorts.


  2. Tengrain says:

    Oops, I left out attribution — this article gave me the inspiration.


  3. FranIam says:

    Pickles Von Strap-on… Oh Tengrain, really, how do you do it? Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

    And that article- wow, good. So damn true.

    We are living in the land of the lost.


  4. Larry says:

    Good photo display of the truth. Pickles does believe in womens rights. She believes the poor women have a right to live in the filth of the Katrina aftermath, she believes the women of ethnic background have a right to live in tents on a reservation and she believes in a womens right to bring her favorite brand of bourbon, as they wait the tables of the local drinking extablishment, trying to pay the bills from a faltering economy.


  5. Tengrain says:

    Larry, I like the cut of your jib.




  6. I must join the others…simply brilliant, Tengrain.


  7. Simply stunning, Tengrain. You got the Pickle dead to rights.


  8. enigma4ever says:

    OMG….this was tooooo funnny…thank you….and here I have just being underestimating her all along…not anymore…


  9. wow!

    Nurse Ratched and Pickles all in one fell swoop……


    Tengrain — you must do a story about Pickles and her Death Machine
    the one she used to kill her ex boyfriend

    does Georgie call Condi — Gherkins????


  10. Tengrain says:

    DCNY –

    Pickles and her mad driving skillz make guest visits now and then here at MPS.




  11. Que bueno, Tengrain. Dead, spot-on.

    Is the question rhetorical or literal? Literally, I think she spends most of her time, when not prostituting the rhetorical dark matter that is the administration’s true stance on education, in the Mayflower, soaking in a tub of $2.00 scotch and Xanax bath beads.

    And rhetorically, I believe the First Pickled Strap-On can be found in the Mayflower, soaking in a tub of $2.00 scotch and Xanax bath beads.

    It’s a small world, after all….


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  13. Freida Bee says:

    Pickles was right by his side, picking the fleas off Chimpy’s coat saying, “I’m so proud of you dear.”


  14. suzy says:

    What they all said. And stunning.


  15. Elizabeth says:

    We should have known something was up when she supported the No Child Left Behind Act, a policy that has caused thousands of schools across the nation to give up arts and science programs in desperate attempts to boost state testing scores. What caring ex-teacher, or worse, MOTHER, would subject students to twelve years of nothing but English and math, with no classes for enjoyment and enrichment?

    Looks like the good mother has forgotten that children are human beings . . .



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