Skelator and the Dog-faced Girl…

Democratic strategist James Carville (R) speaks as Carville's wife and Republican strategist Mary Matalin listens during a taping of 'Meet the Press' at the NBC studios in Washington September 2, 2007. The two guests discussed various topics including the scandal of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), the presidential election in 2008, and the war in Iraq. REUTERS/Alex Wong-Meet the Press/Handout (UNITED STATES). NO ARCHIVES. NO SALES.
REUTERS/Alex Wong-Meet the Press/Handout)

…discuss Senator Larry Craig’s sex life, and I just threw up a little thinking about their’s.

EDIT: DCNY wants to know what their kids would look like. Here is a picture of the issue from their union:


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9 Responses to Skelator and the Dog-faced Girl…

  1. FranIam says:

    Oh my oh my, I did more than feel the throw up. It’s all cleaned up now and I am typing.

    WTF is up with those 2 freaks anyway. Yeccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  2. Larry says:

    Matalin is a hateful, horrible looking witch with pointed ears and a twisted tongue.


  3. Holy shit, I just realized….they are brother and sister. Look.


  4. Tengrain says:

    Two of the heads of Cerebus, I think Pissed.




  5. can you imagine what their kids are like?


  6. willis says:

    Matalin credit: “make-up by Earl Shieb auto body”


  7. Gah! There are TWO Skeletors? OMG! Punditry has discovered cloning! Help!


  8. hahahahahahahahahaha!

    the kids are betting looking than the parents!


  9. distributocap: I have a friend who travels in certain circles and she saw one of their two girls. Her only comment was “not cute.” Maybe the other kid lucked out and got all the recessive genes. If not, mommy and daddy are going to have to keep lying on the tv to get someone to marry them.


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