Farewell, Turdblossom

(Sorry for the reprise folks, but the New Math series was just calling out to me.)

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10 Responses to Farewell, Turdblossom

  1. TF-MA says:

    Times Larry White? You are a brilliant mathematician!


  2. FranIam says:

    Just where, just how… I am awestruck.

    And of course, sickened. But then again Turdblossom always has that effect upon me.


  3. DCup says:

    So does that make Karen Hughes Aunt Agatha?


  4. Sorghum Crow says:

    Fermat just turned over in his grave.


  5. mizburd says:

    I always thought Turdblossom was more the Uncle Arthur type.


  6. I agree mizburd, but not nearly as funny.


  7. holy cow, Tengrain. did this get buried in my feeds? i just caught the link to this from C&L but missed it Sunday. well done, on both counts!


  8. SadButTrue says:

    I think that’s Larry Tate, Darren’s boss in the old Bewitched TV series, TF-MA. But I never thought of him as a nemesis, as Dr. Evil and Egghead (Batman series?) were. I think that would either be Endora or maybe Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbour.


  9. Tengrain says:

    Folks – you must remember that Larry Tate was the marketing guy on Bewitched. And that is connection.

    Commander Other: whatchyou talkin’ ’bout? I did not get a single hit from C&L.




  10. raceynora says:

    Ten – C&L links to you today – you rock! See Mike’s roundup.



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