That’s the way the country crumbles

Last weekend, there was some rumblings in the comments from some of the best and brightest Scissorheads that I do not write enough. Being functionally illiterate (University of California — I might not know a lot, but I can compare and contrast with the best of ’em!), I can attest there is a reason why I keep the snark cold, tempers hot, and my opinion to myself.

My parents said that I started speaking in complete sentences at a very young age, and dammit, why don’t you shut up. They also used to call me Ché because I often organized my stuffed animal toys to fight the oppressors (who generally speaking were my parents and some of my siblings). But I am already off the track for this essay.


Under Chimpy McStagger’s watch, we’ve lost:

  • the WTC
  • New Orleans
  • a bridge over the Mississippi
  • our self-respect
  • our liberties
  • mostly likely the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Pluto

And this is only a partial list… Can I sell you a Hubbell telescope?

The country is falling apart at the seams, and our political class takes a month off — just like their counter-parts in Iraq, I might add, of whom they were so indignant for the nerve to leave when there is so much work to be done. But before leaving us, they authorized yet more spying on us. So glad we have representational government. It just is not us whom they represent.

The thing that surprises me the most these days is that more infrastructure has not failed yet. I mean, we can trace the lack of maintenance back to the original Reagan tax cuts and certainly the lack of new projects, and well, the “vision thing” too goes back to Chimpy’s dad. It actually speaks well of us that it took 30 years before the bridges started falling down.


But the Grover Norquists of the world are all smiles these days. You see, every bridge that falls gives them the talking point that Government is the problem. It bolsters the argument in favor of privatizing everything. You think that Bechtel and Halliburton made a killing in Iraq reconstruction? Wait until they get the no-bid contracts to rebuild America.


So it is just about the second anniversary of Katrina, and how is New Orleans today? Rebuilt? Citizens returned yet? How about the rebuilt WTC? Nope, and Pluto is still not a planet. I’m not holding my breath.


So hop in the hand-basket, we’re going to hell, but at least we have the matching luggage.

EDIT: removed factually incorrect statement about the space station.

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13 Responses to That’s the way the country crumbles

  1. suzy says:

    Passionate and well-spoken, Tengrain. Having been a young adult through the years of the Insane Anglo Warlord, I have often said that we’re seeing his chickens coming home to roost, helped along of course by Daddy Bush and the “compassionate” policies of Mr. “end welfare as we know it” Clinton too. And I agree, every disaster — natural or otherwise, every suicide bombing in an Iraqi market, every school shooting in America brings joy to the hearts of the NeoCons. I work with young kids and I’ve seen them and their families in crisis for a number of years now. It gets harder and harder all the time. It has accelerated in the last 6 years. Homelessness and poverty are up a whopping 40% in my county from pre-2000 statistics. Biting monkeys are on the loose. I don’t understand the complacency of the American people throughout all of this. They’re hypnotized by the availability of cheap plastic shit from China.



  2. Phil Plait says:

    I hate to say this and all, but the space station isn’t 30 years old, and it’s not Russian. You’re thinking of Mir, and Mir burned up in reentry years ago.


  3. Tengrain says:

    Hey, Bad Astronomer! I was wondering if you were gonna stop by. Correction accepted (but I thought it was Mir — I remember all sorts of stuff about how the docking mechanism would not work with the shuttle and they had to do something to make it work). But I bow to your professional expertise.


  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    “and well, the “vision thing” too goes back to Chimpy’s dad.”

    Are you implying that the whole 1000-points-of-light thing was just a sack of Shit?
    I’m amazed.


  5. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Tengrain, The Space Station is actually a collaborative effort involving an international cast. Too bad the same can’t be said about peace.

    Even in this context it isn’t simply the American warmongers who deserve all the opprobrium: Each country has its share of assholes who control the arms market/economy by inciting unrest and guaranteeing their game continues even after the referees have gone home.
    We are globally at the mercy of these warlords.
    We are all war captives.

    Vivre La Resistance!! ! ! ! ! This should be OUR vision thing.


  6. govt on the cheap — private everything. poison toys/pet food/toothpaste is just the beginning. no matter who wins in 08 fixing this mess will be, well say a mess


  7. FranIam says:

    Government on the cheap except when it comes to war funding or making a bigger, better Halliburton.

    Great post Tengrain.

    Will this mess ever be fixed? I hate to be so pessimistic, but I do wonder.


  8. Phil Plait says:

    Oh, I subscribe to the RSS feed. 🙂


  9. fairlane says:


    I think we have to point the finger at ourselves. We let this happen.


  10. BAC says:

    Great post, Ten … and if I hafta go, I wanna go with you.

    I’ve had grave concerns about our country for a while now, and actually wish at times that my parents were alive so that I could ask them if they ever felt this way. I’m sure they did, given that they lived through the Great Depression. But I wonder if they felt as hopeless then as I sometimes do now?

    I think the downward spiral began with Nixon, was exacerbated by Reagan, encouraged by Bush 1 … and made into a work of art by Bush 2.

    I agree with Dcap that the next president is going to inherit a real mess.



  11. fairlane says:

    Coincidentally BAC I was speaking to my father about this not long ago. He said it’s always been this way to a greater or lesser degree depending on who’s in charge.

    When I think about my dad’s generation they grew up being told the world could end at any second because the Soviets were going to nuke us. That has to damage the collective psyche, and now that generation is in control of the world.


  12. raceynora says:

    Well, my friend, you have started a good discussion – let the revolution begin!


  13. I’ll get the pitchforks, raceynora…you get the torches.


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