Tengrain Presents… PDB 2001, a Spacey Oddity





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21 Responses to Tengrain Presents… PDB 2001, a Spacey Oddity

  1. Morse says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat.


  2. Jess Wundrun says:

    No brush clearing?

    Thanks for making us think about this


  3. fairlane says:

    That ain’t right leaving us hanging. Blast you!


  4. Batocchio says:

    Nice job. You certainly got the Bush not reading and not giving a damn part right. Still, I think the truth is still more frightening – that Bush was briefed verbally but blew it off. My post for the blogswarm (and thanks again for the great graphic!) focused on the section from The One Percent Doctrine that relates the “All right, you’ve covered your ass now,” incident.


  5. zoe says:

    excellent, tengrain


  6. well done, Tengrain. looking forward to the next installment. i went all literal about it, myself.


    thanks much for the graphic. i may have to downsize that and add it to my sidebar.


  7. ‘Grain, et al:

    i hadn’t seen that anyone else had done so, so i created a repository for commemorative posts on this subject at the otherwhirled. “We Will Never Forget” is an exclusive category, currently with one post (i’m working on a second one for later this evening).


    if you have blogged on this issue, please feel free to comment on one of the posts in that category with a link to your published work. if for some reason linkage doesn’t work, i will make sure i get it to do so. if you already have authorial access to the otherwhirled, feel very free to cross-post your previously published material there, or simply comment with a link. whatever you desire.

    thank you, Tengrain, for reminding us all of this date and the impact it has actually had on the course of history over the past six years. 08-06-01 is a wonderfully appropriate date to commemorate the beginning of the hegemony and willful ignorance that have come to be more than adequate in describing our federal government.


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  9. Dr. Monkey says:

    More now!


  10. Sinfonian says:

    Creative and brilliant – thank you, Tengrain.

    (Dare I point out, though, the erroneous date in the second panel: “August 6 1991″ …? Sorry – I tend to see these things immediately … it’s an illness. 🙂 )


  11. leslie says:

    Bravo, Tengrain. just Bravo.


  12. Tengrain says:

    Sinfonian –

    Many thanks — I fixed it.




  13. I must join the chorus of kudos. You have out done yourself.


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  15. josh says:

    love it–one quick technical question though: which filter/procedure did you use to get the great thin black lines on those pics?


  16. fairlane says:

    Who is this Tengrain person? Sounds like some kind of overrated huckster to me.



  17. willis says:

    I’ll chime in with the others, great job and a very timely reminder. I’m seeing this all over the “internets”.


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  19. BAC says:

    I love these, Ten … book … book … book … book …



  20. Tengrain says:

    Hi Josh –

    I wrote about that at the ReadyMade Blog — or at least you can figure it out from there.


  21. DCup says:

    Ten – I’m late to shout this at you…

    WOW!!!! (another screamer of a laugh)

    I love your work. What BAC says book, book book!


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