It takes a village…


…or at least a 10-lb box of Franklins.

(A Tengrain Pix. Original Pix: (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner) and (AFP/File/Wang Jun-Young) )

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9 Responses to It takes a village…

  1. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    From the photo, I’d say it takes a whole herd of animal trainers. Hillary’s got that escaped-from-zoo look down pat.


  2. Imagine the look on her face if she went into a village and it was occupied with people willing to throw her $4,300 each? Talk about an earth shattering orgasm.


  3. BAC says:

    Get ready guys … she’s on track to be President Hillary, as the Republicans seem to be imploding.



  4. fairlane says:

    Hillary cannot win. No one in the South will vote for her. Her husband is “black”, remember?


  5. Tengrain says:

    …and BAC, nothing would unite them more than Presidential Nominee Hillary — especially if Obama is her running mate.

    Just sayin’



  6. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    Hillary CAN win. WAIT!—Is Publisher’s Clearing House still running that contest. . . .? They’re not?
    Forget what I said.

    Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are the only presidential candidates with any common sense and courage enough to call it as they see it.
    Either one is head and shoulders above the political prostitute named Hillary. She should be required to carry a sign saying “This space available for indebtedness.”


  7. What Tengrain and Fairlane said. Hillary can’t be the nominee otherwise we may be stuck with President Romney.


  8. fairlane says:

    it pisses me off to no end that democrats blame nader for gore and kerry’s losses. look at who they select.

    why not get richard simmons and have al sharpton as his running mate?

    i wish dems would get it over with and admit they’re in on it with the gop, and quit dragging it out.

    liberals my black arse!


  9. I agree Fairlane, I agree.


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