The History of the Douchebag, continued


Disgraced attorney and noted GOP attack dog, Victoria Toensing, goes public in USA Today on why Scooter should be pardoned, and her argument consists of smearing Patrick Fitzgerald.

This Toensing, you might recall, made a fantastic ass out of herself, and got a lot of dinner invites, and paid visits to Fox News by riding her claim to fame as the author of the statute that punishes people for outing a spy. And then she immediately got it wrong, and famously testified before the senate, with even the GOP aides visibly laughing at her in the background.

Maybe this bit in USA Today is the coda of her 15 minutes of fame, but it is hard to tell.

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3 Responses to The History of the Douchebag, continued

  1. raceynora says:

    Let it be so!


  2. You know what gives me solace? those people have to spend time around one another. Can you even imagine what that is like?


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