Example A in why we are blogswarming against theocracy this weekend


Faux News reports:

A Texas legislator wants to require the state’s nearly 1,700 public school districts to teach the Bible as a textbook, “not a worship document.”

A textbook of what, exactly?

And who is going to pay for every kid in Texas to get a Bible? And who is going to sell the Bibles to the schools? and who is going to actually teach these kids?

It does not get more fundamental than this: spending public money to teach kids about the Bible is endorsing one religion over the others, and they can spin it that it is not teaching religion till the cows come home. It is not fooling anyone.

The thing is, why not teach about all religions? One of my favorite history courses in college was the History of Religion in America. (And let me tell you there is a lot of it!).

So please, join me this weekend and blog against theocracy. Do it for the children. Heheheheheh

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8 Responses to Example A in why we are blogswarming against theocracy this weekend

  1. “Hey now, lookit….we’re jist teachin’ some lit’rchur here, ya’ll. Ain’t butta thang!

    Th’ book o’ wha? Naw, that ain’t no lit’rchur. It’s just some ter’ist camel thang. ‘Allah Wackjob’ or whaddev’r. Not in MAH skools!”


  2. poopyhead says:

    What pray tell would “Religion in America” be if not Christianity? Mocking, though fun is not logic.


  3. Sorghum Crow says:

    Each school district should use a different religious text. Heck, there might even be enough different religions for each student to have his or her own.


  4. I already have my own religion.

    And no, you can’t have any.

    Blogging Against Theocracy this weekend


  5. Tengrain says:

    X’lent Xris –

    And sometime we have to discuss gardening.




  6. Sorghum: If they adopted your model, I wouldn’t object. If, of course, they called the course “Religious Mythologies.”


  7. willis says:

    The American taliban…..


  8. Tengrain says:

    Willis – that is exactly what we are trying to point out and prevent.

    Best regards,



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