Add some vinegar and smile


When the Discovery Channel finally turns its attention to the science of the douchebag, Victoria Toensing will surely be featured.

This week, with the Waxman hearings on the Plame-gate scandal has brought to light the mosquito-buzzing-in-your-ear effect of Toensing, who has been everywhere since the outing of Valerie Plame, claiming adenoid-ally that Plame was not covert by definition, and therefore (by definition) her good friend Robert Novak was not guilty of breaking the law, nor was anyone in the Administration guilty of exposing her. In other words, there was no crime commited.

Toensing appeared as a Republican witness was asked about her claims that Plame was not covert.

“Not under the law,” Toensing responded. “I’m giving you the legal interpretation under the law and I helped draft the law. The person is supposed to reside outside the United States.”

Except that the statute does not say that the person must reside out of the United States, only that the person serves outside of the United States. And in a strange moment of candor for a professional liar, Toensing admitted that she never talked to Valerie Plame or to the CIA about Valerie Plame.

toensin.jpgSo, to put it bluntly, Toensign, had no idea if Plame had served outside of the US in the past five years, no idea if Plame had travelled on CIA business in the past five years and it seems had no idea of the language used in the statute she so proudly claims authorship. Simply put Toensing admitted that she knew nothing of substance.

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7 Responses to Add some vinegar and smile

  1. Morse says:

    If she didn’t invent the douchebag, she was surely the model for it.


  2. don says:

    Is that the model that hooks on to the ears, and let’s her hubby
    get a fresh breath of air?? Just the way she acted at the hearing,
    she was smoking something. She tried to act cool, but the bitch
    was having a hard time staying still. Must have been the dildo
    that she tapes on her ass.


  3. Toensing’s job was to create confusion and leave open the claim of plausible deniability (we didn’t know/think she was covert under the act…). Waxman said something at the end of the hearing that suggests that he may call Toensing back to address the accuracy of her assertions. Hope he does it and she gets nailed. Then again, her claim that the problem was that the CIA fucked up should do it. Rule #1: never, ever fuck with the spooks. Hope that she and her dirtball husband are observing the letter of the law. Every law.


  4. If I were on the committee that she was testifying in front of I would have just cut off her mike and made her read “her own law” and what the CIA had to say about Plame. Then I would ask her if she needed some toilet paper to wipe her mouth.


  5. Interesting Tengrain and Ellroon. She’s a whore and she will strip and rub her nipples for money, that’s clear. I just want to see her go down, and not in a good way. Hope the spooks are following hubby to see if he has a taste for trannie hookers. That would be excellent.


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