My ReadyMade Post for Feb. 25

Guess who just picked up some art from the framing shop?

hanging a picture.jpg

I’ve never been good at hanging pictures. I can never get them positioned right, and then when I finally commit to where I want them to go, I cannot execute the design. Usually I end up calling over a friend who “stages” houses for a real estate company. He finally taught me the tricks of the trade. Here’s how the pro’s hang pictures:


  • Brown craft paper, cut to the exact dimension of your art
  • Art


  • Hammer
  • Picture hook or nails
  • Yellow Stickies
  • Pencil
  • Low-tack tape
  • Measuring tape

Hang it:

  1. Using the craft paper cut to the exact size of your art, make an arrangement of the art shapes that pleases you, and using the low-tack tape put this up on the wall in the exact location where you intend to hang the real art.
  2. Flip your art over. Align the top of the yellow sticky with the top edge of your art.
  3. Using your intended picture hook (or the nail) mark on the yellow sticky the high point of the hanging wire. This is the point where the wire will hang on the nail. Mark it with your pencil.
  4. Remove the yellow sticky and go back to the craft paper on the wall. Align the top of the yellow sticky with the top edge of the craft paper, and center it.
  5. Attach the picture hook to the wall so that the hook is on top of the exact mark on the yellow sticky. You can tear away all the paper once you have attached the picture hook to the wall.
  6. Hang your art on the hook.
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2 Responses to My ReadyMade Post for Feb. 25

  1. raceynora says:

    Or go down the hill to the frame shop and pay a professional $780 to get it done right! You know me, Tengrain, I’m a “food chain” kinda chick!


  2. Sorghum Crow says:

    I think there’s a new game for the wii to help you practice your hanging skills.


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