Blogrolling Wars?


Jon Swift has an interesting post on how some of the so-called A-List liberal blogs are purging links to their kid brothers and sisters.

Not being blogrolled very much anywhere, it does not affect MPS terribly if the big kids don’t want to play with me. I survived high school. That said, it stinks that they are in effect creating a class or caste system, and linking only to each other.

As many of you already noticed, I never have had a link to Kos – I just did not see the point. And while Firedoglake has been very good to MPS via the “Face the Snark” feature (and I hope they will continue to find this site funny), as well as Crooks & Liars (when the divine Blue Gal is filling in, anyway…) I’m inclined to cut them, too. This is about principle, rather than about kissing ass. And as good at ass kissing as I am, I think that there is an important moral to this story.

Counter-intuitively, Mr. Swift has a very liberal blogrolling policy that I wholeheartedly agree with: blogroll me, and I will blogroll you. So, send me a note if you want me to blogroll your site, and let me know that you have Mock, Paper, Scissors blogrolled at your site.

And in the meanwhile, I have deleted links.

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12 Responses to Blogrolling Wars?

  1. Blue Gal says:

    Love the new design Tengrain.

    And even though I contribute to C&L when Mike is outta town, worship the ground they walk on, and link to them constantly, they are not on my blogroll, which as a general rule I limit to those blogs with less than 70 RSS feed subscribers on bloglines.

    Some exceptions (Drifty, Jesus General come to mind) but small blogs rule.

    And those who treat their blogrolls as an exclusive club are wankers.

    Love and kisses,



  2. Tengrain says:

    Blue Gal –

    My briefs get all wet whenever you stop by!

    Your rule seems fair to me — but out of curiousity, how do you know when a blog creeps over the magic number?

    (Thanks for the props on the design – I’m always tinkering with it, but decided on MPS’ birthday to give her a new look for 2007.)

    Best etc.,



  3. ellroon says:

    I link to who I read. Sometimes I will find someone has blogrolled me and if I like their site, I will blogroll them. I try not to take it personally when I find I’ve been dumped, but I confess I do like it when I’m listed. (You like me, you really like me!)

    Right now, I am having such fun blogging, all of it is good. What marvelous therapy!


  4. Tengrain: I have to agree with you. I dropped Kos a while ago and will think about dropping the link to Firedoglake (ironically, they dropped their link to my blog when they redid their site a while back. I convinced myself it was because my blog name is too long. Still). I might keep Atrios up, and certainly Tbogg, because they were the two first sites I bookmarked and have kept bookmarked more than five years later. That said, this A list, B list stuff is disturbing. It reminds me of a discussion I had a number of years back with a co-worker after I told her about throwing out my senior year high school year book. My brother called and found it in his garage and it was a little moldy. He asked me if I wanted to keep it or throw it out. I told him to dump it. My co-worker was shocked–“but Pissed, it was your senior year high school yearbook. What if you want to look at it?” Etc. I told her that I didn’t, in fact, look at it and, in any event, highschool was over.


  5. And darling, of course I have you on my blogroll and it would be swell if you added me if you’d like.


  6. JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde says:

    I think logrolling is dizzying. Whenever I see them doing it, with their attempts to out spin the other guy, their little cleats going a mile a minute and then suddenly stopping and reversing!!!—-I figure it must be real tough to do. You need balance and grace and balls… (even though the gals do it, too).

    So, are you afraid of splinters?? Or what???


  7. Tengrain says:


    You’ve been in the MPS Snark category of the blogroll since about day 1, Baby Cakes. As my official “Bad Seed” I would not have it any other way.



  8. Thank you dear. Hope your weekend isn’t overwhelming.


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  10. I just found you through Jon Swift. I’ve added you to my blogroll and would love it if you would add Three Sticks.


  11. Tengrain says:

    You’re in. Mose E. Milles III


  12. Blue Gal says:

    It’s okay Mose, I have objectionable content.

    Sorry it took me time to get back to you Tengrain. Most of the time when I add a blog it has ten or fewer subscribers on bloglines. I don’t continue to track them, but hey, if a blog was to go from less than 10 to more than 70 while I linked them, I sure wouldn’t remove them, since I knew them when!

    Love on ya.


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