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  1. Tengrain: I’m hoping “off the table” was used to calm fears pre-election. Truth is, you have to have investigations before you seek impeachment. My understanding is that some hearings will begin next week. If, as I assume, the investigations begin and go forward, we may hear that impeachment is the only option in, say, six months.


  2. raceynora says:

    Pissed – I tend to agree – plus the Dems are showing they are truly interested in governing for the American people and not party. We can all hope!


  3. Tengrain says:

    Folks – hold their feet to the fire. I was encouraged — after I posted this — when I saw that Pelosi and Reid sent a letter to Chimpy McStagger telling him that they do not support the McCain Doctrine, ie, the Surge. It is a start of a spine.

    Pissed: I too believe that the investigative committees hold the key to getting this party rolling, but they have to keep it going, it has to be relentless, and the media has to cover it. Without the Mighty Wurlitzer, the public will not know what is going on.

    RaceyNora: I don’t have the confidence that you have with the Dems. I want to, but I don’t.


  4. FuckDemRepubHypocracy says:

    Well done, T!
    The problem is not that the Dems are of different opinion than their Repugnican counterparts; it is that they are ALL —–witting or unwitting—– supporters of the Military Industrial Complex. Whether they are pro-war or anti, pro-defense or anti, pro-labor or anti, pro-business or anti, they are all players in the maintenance of the system that has become the entrenched form of rule in USA.
    The MIC is the rule . . . the most ardent opponents are as fleas to a blue whale. Unless there is some overwhelming reason to attack and alter those alliances that constitute the MIC, all change is going to be simply superficial. Yes, gays might gain some rights, the poor some relief, lawmakers forbidden to pad accounts, but until some large empowered group steps up with proposals to eliminate the profiteering that is the lifeblood of the MIC, the game will continue, the kickbacks fuel the legislation, America’s economy stays dependent on the arms trade, nations arm and the march toward global conflict accelerates, while the risk of the psychotic doing the unthinkable grows.
    You just can’t argue with success.


  5. raceynora says:

    Tengrain – ’tis my nature to be a sunny optimist. Often disappointed, but always optimistic! Supposedly means I’ll live longer.


  6. I have a feeling that Conyers and Waxman aren’t going to just go through the motions. I agree that there are many democrats who are like republicans, but with better manners, but we have a few who care about this country. Add Louise Slaughter to the list. And Feingold and, really Byrd. Byrd’s speech before the vote on the Iraq Resolution was amazing.


  7. Capt. Bat Guano says:

    I’m so sorry, I really am, but how long have you people watched how these fuzzy little shitheads perform. Yes there is a handful of true statesman/stateswyman but they can only do so much. Remember, as a politician your first job is to keep your job, i.e. the move to the right of the Dems. They share cocktail parties with the Rethugs, laugh and clink glasses, it’s all just a game to these parasites. Until the left learns that the only way to treat a bully is to beat him down into a puddle of his own piss they will keep being an inneffectual bunch of clowns. So sorry, Bat Guano.


  8. raceynora says:

    Tengrain – y’all made Crooks and Liars today – way to go!!!!!!!!!!!


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