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Today’s break-room inspirational poster:

Terrifying news:

Scientists at Kyoto University found that cats living with other feline friends can recognize their own and each others’ names, and possibly even familiar humans’ names.

They are organizing. The Harvest awaits.

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Insightful Analysis From Possum Hollar

That is Oxford-educated (the real one) and noted Hooterville cosplayer Sen. John Kennedy making word-like noises about President Handsome Joe Biden’s advisors. We don’t know if he believes anything he is saying (we don’t understand what he’s saying), but we’re pretty sure that Gender Reveal Parties are not what he thinks they are.

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Pandemic News: We Are A Stupid People

Science discovers how the Trump-Virus spreads
(H/T: Twitter)

Guys, Axios tells us that many Americans believe (not gonna say “think” because, well, Americans) that the Trump-Virus is ov-ah (emphasis and enigmatic bullet usage is totally theirs):

One in three Americans now says the pandemic is over — despite rising cases and hospitalizations — Axios managing editor Margaret Talev writes from a new installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

  • 31% of respondents said they believe the pandemic is over; 69% disagree.

Look at this political split: 59% of Republicans say it’s over, compared to just 27% of independents and 10% of Democrats.

  • 55% of unvaccinated Americans said it’s over, compared to just 22% of vaccinated people.


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High Stakes in Penn Governor Race Got Higher

The Stupid Coup

In more Pennsyltucky news, PA GOP Gubor-candidate and noted Red Hat, Doug Mastriano keeps proving his deep connections with the Stupid Coup:

WASHINGTON — A staffer with Doug Mastriano’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign who helped block media access to an event over the weekend was at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, when he appeared to smile and laugh as rioters smashed media equipment on Capitol grounds.

Grant Clarkson is one of the Mastriano campaign associates who prevented reporters from covering an event over the weekend hosted by Mastriano and Kathy Barnette, a Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, according to an NBC News analysis of photos and video from the event matched with his online social media presence. Former President Donald Trump has endorsedMastriano, a far-right state senator who supported Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and was himself on the grounds of the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Mastriano will be running against Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro (D) in the general. This is going to be an important campaign to watch as whoever wins it is going to be the person who appoints the Secretary of State who will oversee the 2024 Goat Rodeo in that state.

But there is some good news in the mix:

“Josh Shapiro has a significant campaign war chest and a proven record of electoral crossover appeal, but a stronger GOP candidate might have blunted that crossover appeal. The national environment matters less in governors’ races, but candidate quality matters more.”

“We are shifting our rating in this race from Toss Up to Lean Democrat, and it could move into even safer Democratic territory as the cycle goes on.”


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About Last Night…

Artist rendering of how Roller Nazi Madison Cawthorn smuggled weapons to the Stupid Coup in his wheelchair

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

America’s favorite cocaine orgiest, roller Nazi Madison Cawthorn went down (ewww, gross!) to defeat, and because this is a small-minded, vituperative, foul-mouthed blog of the left:

We give the last laugh to Darth Cheney’s evil squirt Liz:

We’ll leave his defeat there. But we hope he’s a petty bitch and comes clean on those septuagenarian coke orgy participants.

Pennsyltucky Senate is where most of the action was last night as future Senator John Fetterman beat former-future Senator Connor Lamb and Malcolm Kenyatta by a larger margin than expected, taking 59% of the vote (as compared to 26.4% and 10.3%).

Fetterman won every county, and that’s deep support.

On the Republican side, the New Jersey carpetbagger Mehmet Oz has 31.3% of the vote while the Connecticut carpet bagger David McCormick has 31.1%. Home-grown Q-enthusiast and noted Stupid Coup participant Kathy Barnet had 24.8%. This is going to trigger a recount automatically.

Mostly every other result went according to prediction, but I’d like to focus on what I hope will be good news in Oregon: it looks like Blue Dog Rep. Kurt Schrader (D ) is going down in flames to his primary challenger progressive Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D). As I write this, McCloud-Skinner is beating Schrader like a red-headed stepchild’s rented mule: 60.2% to 39.8%.

So you are asking (I can hear you, you know) “’Grain, why is this good news?” and I reply that Schrader is the Blue Dog asshole that torpedoed the BBB legislation when he forced it to be de-coupled from the Infrastructure Bill. He is called  the Joe Manchin of the House. (By me, behind his back, but that counts, right?)


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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Oh, dear god.

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News

“Calling Mike Pence…”

This is a hopeful sign that US AG Merrick Garland might not be completely dead:

Justice Dept. Requests Transcripts From Jan. 6 Committee

The Justice Department has asked the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack for transcripts of interviews it is conducting, which have included discussions with associates of former President Donald J. Trump, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

The move, coming as Attorney General Merrick B. Garland appears to be ramping up the pace of his painstaking investigation into the Capitol riot, is the clearest sign yet of a wide-ranging inquiry at the Justice Department.

The House committee has interviewed more than 1,000 people so far, and the transcripts could be used as evidence in potential criminal cases, to pursue new leads or as a baseline text for new interviews conducted by federal law enforcement officials.

As we’ve said before, Federal Grand Juries do not need to have direct witnesses to make charges. They could interview the Committee Members and just ask, “tell us what you’ve learned” and that counts.

Or they could ask for transcripts and make charges from there.

This is good news.

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An Ode To Clarence Thomas

I’m dying here!

Thanks to the artist  Dave McCarthy – AKA @slamdrunk6 on Twitter.

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Conde Nast?

Sweet, sweet relief

Vogue magazine threatens to sue Cornish village pub of the same name

One of the biggest fashion magazines in the world is threatening to sue a pub in a tiny Cornish hamlet because they share the same name – and it claims this could confuse its readers. Condé Nast, the owner of Vogue magazine, has sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the Star Inn at Vogue, a hamlet that blends into St Day, near Redruth, to stop using the name ‘Vogue’ as it is their name – even though the pub is more than 200 years old and the village is older still.

The whole story is a treat and the barkeep is a national treasure.

There will always be a Britain.

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Hannibal Lechter has a cat.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Purplehead)

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