More Distraction from Hair Führer

Screw-you, cha-cha-cha

Screw-you, cha-cha-cha

Shorter Russian Usurper: “Look over there!”

Longer version:

Of course he would say that, just as he said the general election was rigged and still has offered no proof of it. As long as he (and Vlad) can keep the Dims divided, he can accomplish Putin’s goals of destabilizing western democracies.

And of course, it is working.

Then the orange menace twatted out:

Which led to:

The game is a-foot!

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Your Sunday Morning Grift Round-up

More Exciting News From Trumplandia!

Dinner is served Trumplandia style!

Hair Führer went to dinner at his own hotel’s restaurant in Washington DC, which of course means that the Federal Government paid him (and his entourage). I should say, we taxpayers paid for the pleasure of his company.

Well, at least for the first time since being installed in the White House, the Russian Usurper didn’t go to Mar-a-Logo-a-Go-Go.

There was a rumor that this was the $60,000 Kuwait Embassy Dinner, which would have made this even more scandalous, a true pay-to-play. This seems to be just everyday corruption.

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Thank You

applauseFirst off, I think we all should take a bow. The DNC Chair race was well-fought campaign, and I think given the outcome (it was very close), we did as well as we could; I’m actually glad that Rep. Ellison is NOT going to resign to take the job (especially because you-know-who would choose his replacement); we need as many strong liberal voices in the House as we can. I’m also pleased that he is taking the #2 spot and will be influencing policy.

Some MPS statistics:

  • The DNC contact list has had 1,500 individual hits over the last 7 days
  • The DNC contact list has had over 2,300 in the last 30 days
  • The most read post over the last week was Activism: It’s Called Activism, Not Re-activism

What I am trying to get at is that we all helped. There is no doubt in my mind that for each hit on the DNC roster, there was a phone call. Given that there are only 400 or so DNC voters, it means roughly that everyone of the DNC members got an average of 3-5 phone calls just from us. And while 3 phone calls apiece might not seem like much, I think it is more than the bigger blogs can claim. In fact…

We had our first (to my knowledge) link from The Great Orange Satan (Daily Kos cited MPS, seriously, they cited us!); we were mentioned numerous times in Wonkette comments (with a handful of hits); Crooks and Liars linked to many of the Activism posts; and yes, our mole in MSNBC forwarded one post internally, and while I cannot reveal much more than that, let’s say we got some praise from some people we would be proud to be associated with. Yes, her.

So after we all take a bow, I think the real praise belongs to our unindicted, co-conspirator Osirisopto who did more than take the wheel: he drove the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper to set a new land-speed record. Thank you, O, for everything. You’ve made a huge difference. Take a day off.

Everyone: smoke ’em if you got ’em. We have our work cut out for us, it’s gonna be a tough slog to 2018, but we can make a difference. We already have.

Best Regards,


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Bad Packaging, Cont.

Dump Cakes

So when life gives you lemons, eh?

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

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Petunia and Pals' Gretchen Carlson

Petunia and Pals’ Gretchen Carlson

“Gretchen Carlson, who settled a multi-million lawsuit late last year against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, is in talks with MSNBC to join the network, sources familiar with the matter told Business Insider.”

(Business Insider)

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Activism: Perez Wins DNC Chair

Tomorrow you must remind me to bring a length of rope.

From Dkos…

Perez wins chairmanship of DNC in close vote on second ballot. Moves to make Ellison deputy chair


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It’s really slow to load.

OK, we have Perez (235—200 for Ellison, hardly a blow-out and took several ballots to get there), and Ellison is the vice-chair, and in a silver lining that means Ellison will continue to be a much-needed progressive force in Congress. And we still have ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ to kick around. There’s that.

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‘It’s the Russians, Stupid’

The Death of the Media

Putin Rides Again  (credit: The Art of Buddy McCue via Scissorhead B-4)

Putin Rides Again
(credit: The Art of Buddy McCue via Scissorhead B-4)

Everything that Hair Führer is doing, every distraction, every outrage, is designed to cover over the real story of his campaign’s involvement with the Russians.

Yesterday’s strongman attempt to bar certain media outlets from a meeting was just another attempt to gin-up a new outrage to diminish the Russian story. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo says it really well:

As I wrote a month or so ago in a similar context, it is far preferable to have a President and a White House who believe in democratic and American values. But we don’t. It is best to recognize that fact and act accordingly. Whining is never a good look for journalists, for myriad reasons. Not least of which is that it plays into all the tools that authoritarians mobilize against a free press and American values. As I also wrote in that post, the answer to attacks on journalism is always more journalism. The most consequential reporting being done right now isn’t happening in the briefings. It’s happening with the ‘anonymous sources’ that President Trump says need to stand before him for retribution.

And of course, most of our vain media, fell for it:


The media is lamenting how badly they are being treated by the fascists. Trump knows how to manipulate the Villagers because they share the same vanity and ego. They are the two sides of the same coin.

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Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid is Served, Peter King

Oh, Jeebus, Peter King said what?

Oh, Jeebus, Peter King said what?

Rep. Peter King really doesn’t get the whole democracy thing:

So I’m assuming that they’re all legitimate, but to me it just does not serve a purpose. It really diminishes democracy if you’re gonna show up to a meeting to just scream and yell.

“In my case, I am not having these town hall meetings because to me all they do is just turn into a screaming session,” he said. “What I am doing, I have done every national TV show.”

Yeah, because doing the electric teevee machine, getting a softball question on Fox, is the same thing as talking to your constituents whom you want to strip away healthcare.

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Your Saturday Morning Quote

Reminder: Do Not Use This Picture of Trump. Tell a friend. Let's wipe out the usage of this picture in our lifetimes.

Reminder: Do Not Use This Picture of Trump. Tell a friend. Let’s wipe out the usage of this picture in our lifetimes.

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