Activism: Phone Calls Work

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Last week we on the left secured a victory on preventing the repeal of the ACA through a relentless phone campaign.

We add this to our victory over the R’s attempt to gut the congressional ethics rules, and the Muslim travel ban.

We shouldn’t fail to mention the Women’s March. That international event in which we all came together and declared our unity in opposition to the destruction of all that we value had the R’s wetting their pants.

Three big victories over the Russian Puppet and the R’s agenda to destroy our democracy and one bad ass spanking in less than 60 days.

john_moustache-manGood job! Damned good job.

We have earned the right to be proud of ourselves. We have begun to regain control of our country against almost impossible odds.

If, in November someone had told me we would hand Trump his ass three defeats and exert control over the most rabidly right leaning congress I’ve ever heard of I wouldn’t have believed it.

We’ve done this by participating in our own governance as was intended by the framers of our constitution.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness 

We have become the DLC’s and the R’s worst nightmare – a engaged, active and connected electorate. We will no longer passively accept whatever bullshit is handed to us by a distant, and disinterested political class that treats us a cattle to be led to the slaughter.

We have, like our fathers and mothers before us, become united against an overwhelming threat. We have found our voice and are taking control of our lives, our future and those of our children and grandchildren as well.

Again congratulations on a job well done. We’ve accomplished amazing feats. We have achieved overwhelming victory in these first battles, but have no doubt the “war” goes on.

Working together we will accomplish even more. We will emerge from this challenge victorious. We will save our government, our country and our lives. We will leave a legacy for those who follow us that we, and they can take pride in. We will do it together as a people.

We will do it as The People of the United States of America.


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Trump: Now Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Outta My Ass

More slight of hand from Hair Führer:

(Apologies to Rocky and Bullwinkle!)

So as we watch the 4th Reich FAIL on their legislative initiatives, let’s watch Trump try to rally his racist base by sending out Confederate Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III:

Pure red meat…and if you think it’s coincidental, well, listen to General Sessions list of (alleged) crimes that immigrants (allegedly) commit and in his charming antebellum accent, in your mind add “to our white women” at the end. This also has the bonus effect of punishing the big librul cities and not the hillbilly elegy heartland, so win-win!

Sure, Trump might not have been able to take away healthcare from tens of millions of “them,” but he will get “them” — whoever the them might be.

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You know what they say about small hands? Small ratings!

No comment needed.

Gallup: Trump’s approval rating hits another low

President Trump’s approval rating dipped to a new low after the Obamacare repeal debacle, according to a new poll.

The Gallup poll found that as of Sunday, 36% of Americans approve of how the president is doing his job, while 57% disapprove.

He’s getting down to Chimpy’s hardcore 27% who would march into the sea (led by Sean Hannity).

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Nunes: Rake-Stepping for Speed and Accuracy

Rake-stepping for speed and accuracy

Hey guys, remember when very dim bulb House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) tried to claim that he did nothing shady, said:

“Look, if I really wanted to, I could have snuck onto the grounds late at night and probably nobody would have seen me. In fact, I stopped to talk to several people along the way.”

And today we have this:

Then it gets weirder. CNN is now reporting that Nunes had in fact slipped off to the White House grounds last Tuesday to view the documents. And then on Wednesday, after briefing reporters on what he had found in those intelligence reports, he went back to the White House to inform the president.

Somewhere, noted sleuth Michele Bachmann (R – hiding behind a hedge) is weeping that she left the government and the Intelligence Committee too soon.

UPDATE: Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed Tuesday morning that the committee’s chair, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has cancelled all of the committee’s meetings this week.

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Send In the Clowns (The Morning Summary)

The First 100 Days!

From what I can tell, the 4th Reich is right on the Elite Media’s prescribed schedule. The Villagers are already writing their usual narrative arc:

  1. A breathless biography about the incoming vice president. Thanks to his unusual closeness to the boss, … the new veep is the most powerful in history. (Check!)
  2. the next wave of stories claims that the administration is rebooting. (Check!)
  3. We conclude with the third trope of the first 100 days of reporting: the coming ‘reorganization’ of government. (Check!)

And right on schedule, we learn that Trump is letting Fratsputin, Jared Kushner make recommendations on how to run the government like a bidness; ie, a reboot. Dude cannot even run his own Manhattan tower, let alone the government, so this will be good, popcorn munching watching. Just like Chimpy before him, he is already referring to citizens as customers. So we wonder if the boy wonder will consider that there is no profit and loss sheet in government? We bet that subtlety will be lost on him.

(A new twist however, is that Kushner appears to be in cahoots with the Russians and is already volunteering to testify to Congress, you know, if Comrade Nunes ever lets an investigation actually happen.)

If you think that the White House is headed towards the inevitable re-boot, you are not alone. Today we will start by comparing and contrasting what the Villagers in the beltway are breathlessly telling us:

First up — Mike ‘Payola’ Allen now writing the Axios morning email thingie:

Trump feels burned by the conservative House Freedom Caucus and is ready to deal with Dems. Dangling infrastructure spending is an obvious way to buy support of potentially dozens of Dems, meaning he wouldn’t be hostage to hardliners.

And then we have a reality check from Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie, who in a blatant act of Journalism asked some Dems about this:

ATTN. MR. PRESIDENT — So far, Donald Trump has not been able to move anything through Congress. So, his White House is signaling he’ll recalibrate, and look to Democrats to get his legislative priorities passed. BUT, BUT, BUT: Top aides to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) say they HAVE NOT been approached by Trump or his aides since the health care bill went down last week. And the coordination before that was minimal, to say the best.

Next up, we get news of the Big Strategy for how Hair Führer will finally get a legislative WIN! First up, Mike ‘Payola’ Allen again:

As Republicans frantically look for a roadmap after Friday’s collapse, the White House is talking about moving to a novel, risky strategy: tackling tax reform and infrastructure at the same time (not necessarily in the same bill).

And then back to TBOTP (tC!):

THERE ARE NO QUICK WINS for Trump. A White House source floated through Axios’s Jonathan Swan that they want to couple tax reform and infrastructure spending, and think they can get it done this year ( ). But there is no silver bullet — not tax reform, not infrastructure and not the combination of the two. After the failure of the Republican-written health-care replacement plan, few believe that Congress should bundle up two complicated issues and jam them through. The White House spin that they’ll reach out to and do business with Democrats sounds nice, but it ignores very fundamental realities of today’s Washington.

“Opinions Differ,” as their headlines often say! So I’ll add mine: that vestigial spine the Dims have been showing lately has resulted in the base being engaged. There is no upside to the centrist No Labels, DLC crowd who want to find consensus.

And we’ll throw in this Tiger Beat bit that makes it all the more unlikely:

“President Donald Trump doesn’t want to wait until next year to slash government spending on everything from education to mental health programs. The White House is asking Congress to cut $18 billion from discretionary spending bills for the current fiscal year that have been long settled — a move that could threaten a major showdown just a month ahead of the deadline to keep the government funded. …

“In an extensive document shared with House and Senate appropriations committees on Friday, and obtained by POLITICO, the Trump administration is offering its most detailed instructions to date on how Congress should shape the trillion-dollar spending legislation Congress must enact by April 28 to prevent a government shutdown. … The department-by-department breakdown shows Trump is targeting domestic programs including education, health care and housing, as well as international food aid — cuts that are in line with the administration’s ‘skinny budget’ for next year.”

So at the same time that The Russian Usurper needs cooperation from the Democrats, he plans to gut the EXISTING budget as part of trying to fund the government? The man is as dumb as he looks. I’ll add a frisson of schadenfreude to the mix: the day the government might shutdown is Trump’s 100th day in office.

So what has caught your eye this morning?

UPDATE 1: No More Mister Nice Blog has a smart take on the Infrastructure/Tax combo platter.

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I’m back…

…and I’m trying to figure out the Russian Usurper’s um, Russian Problem.

Luckily ThinkProgress is on the case:

I’ll try to be back to normal operations tomorrow.

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Bad Spellcheck, Cont.

typo 3

At last! All this time they’ve been sitting on the counter dissing me, I just know it.

(hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)

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Midday Palate Cleanser

In case your elephant won’t take his nap:

I’m sleeeepy now too.

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Bad Spellcheck, Cont.

Typo 2

Well, that will make rescuing them difficult.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)

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Midday Palate Cleanser

on the plus side, no hangover. There’s that.

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Morning Coffee Music

Some newer songs for a Sunday morning.

I like that new Veruca Salt sounds like old Veruca Salt. Even the video looks like it came from the 90s.

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