Grifters Gotta Grift

It’s real! (Snopes – click image to their fact-checking)

As regular readers know, I think Elon Musk is an ass. Oh, sure, he’s a brilliant physicist, but he may be a more brilliant PT Barnum-style promoter.

As I quipped to friends when Musk jettisoned his own, personal Tesla Roadster into the void from one of his SpaceX rockets (as the ultimate in cross-brand synchronicity marketing!), my regret was that he was not in it, just some other mannequin.

Anyway, I digress.

Here are some Musk stories that I think are worth reading:

Vanity Fair looks at Tesla:

Don’t say “death spiral,” but Tesla has unquestionably entered a perilous new era. Last September, a month after Elon Musk’s notorious “funding secured” tweet, I wrote a New York Times opinion piece about the fact that the real problem at Tesla, Musk’s electric-car company, was not necessarily Musk’s irresponsible, and perhaps illegal, behavior as C.E.O. Rather, it was the Tesla balance sheet, which was larded with $11 billion in debt, some $1.7 billion of which needed to be paid off before November 2019.

The article is brief and brutal: Musk keeps Tesla going, but “it becomes more like a Ponzi scheme, which, to be honest, Tesla is increasingly resembling.” 

Jalopnik looks at The Boring Company:

Yes, for those keeping score, in a mere two years we’ve gone from a futuristic vision of electric skates zooming around a variety of vehicles in a network of underground tunnels to—and I cannot stress this enough—a very small, paved tunnel that can fit one (1) car.

The Human Transit Blog has a neat-o summary of Mr. Musk:

“No, the real utility of Elon Musk is that he presents himself as an extreme example of elite projection.  I defined that term, here, as “the belief, among relatively fortunate and influential people, that what those people find convenient or attractive is good for the society as a whole.”

“…So don’t confuse elite projection with elitism. The problem with elite projection isn’t that it’s an elite point of view.  The problem is that it doesn’t work.”

Our usual disclaimer: Musk may be brilliant at physics, but he keeps failing at every other discipline.

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Get Thee Hence!

The blogger at work: presses Publish, then spots the typo!

The long, lazy weekend continues, Scissorheads, and so I am going ask again, “Why are you here when you could be reading Infidel’s Sunday Round-Up?!” (And I note with some pride that we—all of us!—made an entry in it!)

Good job, well-done!

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Bad Signs, Cont.

A picture tells a thousand stories, doesn’t it?

(Hat tip: Scissorhead @NamelessCynic on the electric-powered tweeter)

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Saturday Palate Cleanser

“I regret nuffin’!”

This is why you should not invite a cat to your Memorial Day Barbecue Party.

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Shall We NOT Play A Game?

Axios has a bit in their morning email thingie that made me think about the message of War Games (odd emboldening and enigmatic use of bullets is theirs):

Welcome to our sad, new, distorted reality — the explosion of fake: fake videos, fake people on Facebook, and daily cries of “fake news.”

  • This week, we reached a peak fake, with Facebook saying it had deleted 2.2 billion fake accounts in three months … a fake video of Speaker Pelosi going viral … and Trump going on a fresh “fake news” tear.
  • A Pew surveylast year found that two-thirds of tweeted links to popular websites came from non-human users (bots or other automated accounts), per Axios’ Neal Rothschild.

OK, so what, ‘Grain?

Be smart: Fakes and personas have existed on TV, radio and print for years. But as the N.Y. Times notes: “Legislators have failed to stay on top of social media platforms, with their billions of hard-to-track users from all over the world.”

What’s next: The inevitable result of a fake information universe is real crisis manufactured by fake news.

  • Misinformation about vaccines has led to an alarming number of measles outbreaks.
  • And fake online pharmacies have led to a spike in deaths.

The phrase real crisis manufactured by fake news is what got me.

One could argue it has already happened (well, maybe not like War Games), but with The Russian Usurper calling for the death penalty for his political enemies based upon his self-generated fake news of being spied upon, we’ve entered a whole, new phase.

This is not creeping fascism, we’re already here. This is full-on despotism, our democracy has failed us, and whatever we do next is not a drill. This is NOT a game.

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Am I Blue?

Jacaranda Trees In Bloom in Los Angeles (LAist)

If you’ve never been lucky enough to witness Jacaranda trees in bloom, this long article in LAist (which is NOT behind the LATimes paywall) will give you a history of the trees and how they came to California.

I will mention, just for the sake of home-town pride, that these trees are also all over the Bay Area, and the person who seemingly made them popular up and down the state was from Oakland.

One grandparent in SoCal used to have fancy cocktail parties in the patio under the shade of the blooming Jacarandas in spring, and I cannot think of anything finer.

I’ve read that everyone should have a mental image of something beautiful and soothing to focus on when times are bad, to calm the mind and so on. The Jacaranda in full glory is a very worthy candidate.

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And Then They Came For…

Republican Theocrats (and I know that is redundant) want to A) force women to become mothers against their will (incubators, as all the so-called heartbeat bills essentially make them), and 2) deny people who want to become parents the ability to do so because of their sexual orientation:

Details: Former President Obama banned adoption and foster-care agencies from receiving federal funding if they refused to work with same-sex couples. Religious organizations have consistently bristled at that policy, arguing that they’re being forced to contradict their beliefs.

  • Administration officials said the White House is weighing two options: either rescinding those rules altogether, or adding an explicit exemption for religious organizations.
  • The debate is mainly about which approach would hold up better in court, the officials said. A religious exemption seems to have the upper hand for now, but that could change.

It’s the perfect storm of hatred.

The big picture: In just 2 years, the Trump administration has worked to undo a major chunk of the protections the LGBTQ community secured under President Obama.

  • Rolled back an Obama-era order allowing transgender people to openly serve in the U.S. military.
  • Proposed rolling back protections for transgender people established under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Told the Supreme Court last year that federal law doesn’t protect transgender people from workplace discrimination.
  • Will make it easier for religious health care workers to object to providing care and procedures that conflict with their religious or moral beliefs, potentially putting gay and transgender patients at risk.
  • Would weaken protections for homeless transgender people, including allowing HUD-funded shelters to deny them access or force transgender women to share quarters and bathrooms with men.
  • Removed Title IX protections for transgender youth ensuring they had access to bathrooms and facilities of their choice.
  • Changed an Obama-era policy allowing prisoners to be housed based on their gender identity.

But wait! There’s more!

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed rolling back protections for transgender people established under the Affordable Care Act on Friday.

And more!

The Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed a change to its Equal Access Rule on Wednesday that would weaken Obama-era protections for homeless transgender people, allowing HUD-funded shelters to deny people admission on religious grounds or force transgender people to share bathrooms and sleeping quarters.

You don’t have to look very hard to see the game plan here: everyone except for straight (white? sure, it’s subtext) Xristian men are targeted, and little by little, these other communities are being made into The Other, less than human and not deserving of Human Rights or respect.

When Possum Hollar’s appetite for hating on the Blahs and the Browns is exhausted, the ‘mos will be next in the rifle scope.

Bank on it.

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Great Graffiti, Cont.

No wonder that stripper didn’t go home with the customer. People, never tip your stripper less than a Hamilton.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Bruce388)

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

You really cannot make this up: Ken Ham, Australia’s Creationist Grifter in Kentucky, is suing for rain damage to his Ark biblical amusement park (with zip lines! That’s NOT scriptural).

The owner of the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky has sued its insurers for refusing to cover, of all things … rain damage.

Ark Encounter, which unveiled the 510-foot-long model in 2016, says that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on its access road, and its five insurance carriers refused to cover nearly $1 million in damages…

The park is open, said Melany Ethridge, a spokeswoman at the attraction’s Dallas-based public relations firm, who only laughed when informed that Ark Encounter had sued over flood damage…

Ethridge subsequently issued a statement that said: “The lawsuit speaks for itself. We don’t have anything to add at this time, other than to say that we are highly confident of the merits of our case as we seek a fair resolution to the matter.”

The statement also said Ark Encounter guests have been unaffected by the work being done at the access road. Hours of operation were never affected.”


Another Miracle!

As you may recall, Ham somehow got the rubes in Kentucky to give him taxpayer dollars to build this travesty and he openly discriminates by not hiring non-believers, or other believers, the ‘mos and so on, effectively making this biblical amusement park state religion. It’s outrageous.

So it wasn’t even 40 Day/Nights and the flood damaged his damn boat grift? Jeebus, take the tiller! Maybe Dawg Almighty is sending ol’ Ham a sign?

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Roket)

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Happy Memorial Day LOOOOONG Weekend!

I hope the watermelon is ripe wherever you are!

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