Goodbye, Dennis

Today, Saturday May 15 is when our pal Scissorhead Dennis Cole has his wake. We’ve been trading emails this week and on May 10 he said 5 more days, so… Guys if my math is correct (and that’s always dicey),  well, today is the big day.

My guess is that he’s not going to be commenting, BUT he might be reading. I hope he’s reading. I have faith (¡GASP!) that he’s reading. (True thing, and maybe a bit Irish: I’m always jealous when someone get the definitive answer to Life’s Ultimate Question, and true to form, Dennis gets there first, the bastard!)

DC I hope you know you’ve always been Aces with us, and we going to miss you terribly.

I know all of us on the internet are bits and bytes and flickers of light, but somehow that makes an absence all the more real. It’s stark when a light blinks out.

I’ve told some of my IRL friends about Dennis and how he’s large and in charge of his own destiny. I hope I have the same dignity when my time comes, and thanks to DC, I now have a roadmap.

Happy trails, DC, until we meet again.


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We Hate To Interrupt You On Saturday…

…Gentle Readers, as you reread Ptolemy’s magnum opus, Almagest or perhaps you are catching up on calculations of the youthful Aryabhata’s Aryabhatiya, but we would be remiss if we didn’t let you know that our pal Burr Deming has posted his invaluable Saturday morning links, complete with wry commentary at the essential blog, Fair and Unbalanced.

As always we will keep this post on top and fresher links —if any!— will be below. –The Management

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Never Forget

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

Allison Hantschel, late of the blog First Draft (where she was appropriately nom-de-plum’ed Athena, and that is too a vurb) had a twitter thread last night on the end of the mask mandate that is so good, I hope everyone reads it.

The essential demand Hantschel makes is that she wants atonement from the stupid, selfish people who prolonged the Trump-Virus Pandemic that lead to nearly 600,000 dead Americans.

It’s not a long thread. Go read it. I’ll wait.

I was having a similar discussion last night. I know we are The United States of Amnesia, and indeed the Republicans are shoving Lord Damp Nut’s failed response and crimes against humanity and general eff’ery  into the memory hole as fast as they can. 15+ months of our lives disrupted, families lost, fortunes destroyed, and now we’re being told to return to normal.

There is no normal, there is only now.

And so while Athena (sorry, Allison – old habits die hard) wants atonement, I want recorded history.

Here’s the thing: I don’t recall ever learning anything about the 1918 Pandemic; I’m not even sure it was a footnote in any of my US history textbooks. Maybe it was seen as an Act of Gawd and not a cascading sequence of political calculation failures as surely the Trump-Virus was.

I am reminded of the marketing of WW2 as The Last Good War. We proudly thump our chests that WE won the war, but say that to the europeans and you will get an earful. Marketing wins every time.

We Americans record our history with exceptionalism and we leave out the dissent and indeed the sacrifice of others. When this pandemic enters the history books, I predict that there will be plenty of heroics, and little mention of the know-nothings, the anti-vaxxers, the selfish assholes (from Spring Break to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, there were a lot of assholes) and the easily documented and deliberate failures of the Republicans who saw this only as a culture war leverage issue: the Freedom to be an asshole is greater than your health.

Every death is tragic, every avoidable death is a crime. I lay the tragic number of avoidable deaths at the feet of these assholes, mostly Republicans.

I hope everyone remembers this as they head to the voting booth in 2022 and beyond.

Never forget.

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This Will Not End Well

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

There will be a January 6 Commission! and it will have nothing to do with investigating BLM and Antifa, as the New Confederacy wanted! Yay!

It will be bipartisan! …Say, what now?

It will be a 10-person commission (5 people appointed from each party, but not elected officials) AND the commission can only subpoena witnesses, documents, etc, by consensus.

So the Coup Klux Klan can smother this thing in its crib. So much winning.


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Your Daily Gohmert

The great (every) white-washing project continues, and a full ⅓ of 1/17th of a point to Scissorhead Silver Apple Queen for predicting this:

And counter-point:

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

H/T Secret Scissorhead @NamelessCynic on the electronic tweeting device

Oh, dear. Do not ask what the secret ingredient is, you know, if you happen to meet Mikey.

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News

You cannot make up stuff like this:

Erik Prince, founder of private security contractor Blackwater and brother of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, recruited a former British spy in 2016 to professionalize the undercover operatives at Project Veritas, the conservative sting video shop run by James O’Keefe, The New York Timesreports, citing documents and people involved in the subsequent operations to discredit perceived “deep state” enemies of former President Donald Trump inside the U.S. government.

Lord Damp Nut has the mind of a child if he believes that James O’Keefe is some sort of master strategian who only needed a little James Bond-like refinement as delivered by some former MI6 nut recruited by Betsy DeVos’ war criminal brother.

Lord Damp Nut’s cranium is shaken, not stirred.

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UPDATED — She Seems Nice, Part Infinity

Rep. Greene
(File Photo: Twitter)

This is what AOC’s stalker —Marjorie Taylor Greene— was up to in 2019, before she was in Congress representing the Gret Stet of Georgeduh:

So you can see why the good citizens of Possum Hollar, Georgeduh  sent her to DC to make her life’s work complete.

That was like watching Ted Bundy’s  impersonation of John Wayne Gacey. Something ain’t right with that woman.

UPDATE 1: Yup, this is significant – the guy with her is one of the January 6 Stupid Coup rioters, Anthony Aguero:

(H/T Scissorhead M Davis)

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Happy Birthday Mark Faceberg

So lifelike.

To you and me, the internet power-user, would-be destroyer of democracies, and boy billionaire is 37, but in hexadecimal he is 25 today.

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Nuanced Take on Removing Your Masks

Scissorheads –

This thread is from the King County WA Public Health officer who is offering a nuanced interpretation of the CDC Guidelines. His specific examples are from here, of course, but I think much of what he says is good advice and can be generalized to where you live.

I think we all have a tendency to hear the parts we want to hear and diminish the parts we don’t.

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