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Just Sayin’ Hannity’s Been A Fraud From The Beginning

Sean Hannity, at college radio station KCSB (UC Santa Barbara)
where he was NOT a student, but on the air.

Hannity is “dropping” the Seth Rich conspiracy theories for now. But why?

After Fox News pulled a report based on a conspiracy theory about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, Sean Hannity, one of the most prominent voices pushing the theory, said on Tuesday night that he would stop talking about Rich for the time being.

…or could it be

Yeah, that’s the reason.

After going through all the benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1! years watching my high school friend Chris Stevens’ death politicized, I can only imagine what Seth Rich’s family is going through with this conspiracy theory, and it probably is worse.

I really hope my friend Alan Colmes is somewhere having a chuckle. He never said anything bad about Hannity to me, but when I said anything bad about Hannity to him, he never corrected me.

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Shorter OMB Dir. Mick Mulvaney:

Which one is Mick?

Shorter OMB Director Mick Mulvaney: assisting the poor is thievery. Here’s the longer version:

Mick Mulvaney:

For years, we’ve focused on how we can help Americans receive taxpayer-funded assistance. Under President Trump’s leadership, we’re now looking at how we can respect both those who require assistance and the taxpayers who fund that support. For the first time in a long time, we’re putting taxpayers first.

Taking money from someone without an intention to pay it back is not debt. It is theft. This budget makes it clear that we will reverse this larceny.

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Second Helping of Claim Chowder?

American Exceptionalism: Dumpster Diving Eagle

Today seems to be the world telling us we were right:

Trump advisers call for privatizing some public assets to build new infrastructure

The Trump administration, determined to overhaul and modernize the nation’s infrastructure, is drafting plans to privatize some public assets such as airports, bridges, highway rest stops and other facilities, according to top officials and advisers. In his proposed budget released Tuesday, President Trump called for spending $200 billion over 10 years to ‘incentivize’ private, state and local spending on infrastructure. Trump advisers said that to entice state and local governments to sell some of their assets, the administration is considering paying them a bonus. The proceeds of the sales would then go to other infrastructure projects.

We’ve been saying The Russian Usurper’s infrastructure grift was going to be selling off assets like airports, FAA, Amtrak, and so on. I don’t think he’s found a way (yet?) to sell off water works, but I bet he’s trying to.

This is a travesty.

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Your Claim Chowder is Served

Fool for a Client Chronicles

Putin Rides Again
(credit: The Art of Buddy McCue via Scissorhead B-4)

Yesterday, we said that The Russian Usurper was not going to get one of the high-powered lawyers to defend him from the mountain of collusion he has with the Kremlin, and it seems we were right, he’s sticking with his regular lawyer Marc Kasowitz (who has a few Russian conflicts of his own):

“President Donald Trump plans to select Marc Kasowitz — his longtime, New York-based lawyer — to lead his outside legal team as an investigation of Russian election interference heats up, an administration official said. Kasowitz has represented Trump in legal matters for decades and is considered to have the president’s trust. He has a well-established rapport with Trump and has spoken to him regularly since Trump was sworn into office.

“In selecting Kasowitz, Trump once again is turning to a person with extensive experience working with him — rather than a seasoned, Washington-based operator — to deal with a high profile challenge. While Kasowitz is expected to take the lead on Trump’s outside legal team, the administration source said it is not yet clear how large an operation that will be. Administration officials are still not certain of the scope of the work but expect intense action over the summer, as the probe led by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller heats up.”

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The Pope Meets The Dope

“So which one…”

“…is Calista, if you know what I mean and I think you do,” the Pope didn’t say while making a Jesse Watters’ gesture. “Hubba-hubba!”

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Bedside Reading, Cont.


I think it was Calista’s copy.

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Just whip ’em out an measure ’em, boys.

It’s really hard to tell what actually happened, but it appears that the mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, told a little joke:

TAMPA — At a time when journalists are under fire both literally and figuratively, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s “joke” this week at a military conference about pointing twin 50 caliber machine guns at journalists and watching them “cry like little girls” rankled several reporters in the room.

…At the conference, Buckhorn told a crowd of more than 1,000 commando and defense industry leaders about his experience as a “hostage” during a demonstration of special ops rescue tactics. The highlight, he said, was when he was aboard a Navy special warfare boat, firing blanks from 50-caliber machine guns.

“And so the first place I point that gun is at the media,” he told the crowd. “I’ve never seen grown men cry like little girls, for when that gun goes off those media folks just hit the deck like no one’s business. It’s great payback. I love it.”

I’m still not sure that this anecdote actually happened, but whatevs! Funny man, amiright?

So of course, this agitated Lee Duigon writing at Barbwire, to opine about shooting journalists:

Looks like the journalists’ habit of taking sides with left-wing statist big shots against the rest of us has kind of alienated them from our affections. And then they act surprised about it. We catch them colluding with Democrats, spreading fake news about conservatives, lying and cheating, shilling for fictitious Global Warming–and boo-hoo, those ungrateful peasants don’t love us anymore?

I do not actually advocate machine-gunning crowds of journalists. But letting them know we wouldn’t trust ’em anymore as far as we could throw ’em, and that we deeply resent their trying to do a fundamental transformation of America into a coast-to-coast Democrat hellhole like Detroit, only bigger, much bigger–

Good to know that he doesn’t actually advocate machine-gunning crowds of journalists, so please do not point fingers at him when one of his loose screws readers, you know, does mow down journalists. What’s that, you say?

Until you jokers clean up your act, we’re not listening. And if you learn something from the little scare that Mayor Buckhorn gave you, good for you.

It would be a shame to Fake News him with complicity.

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RIP Roger Moore. You’ll Always Be My Bond. James Bond.

I was sorry to read that the world has one less Bond, as Sir Roger Moore has gone to save the next world. He was 89, and that’s extra innings in my book.

Moore’s Bond was the one I grew up with, and so I have a certain affection for his 7 movies. I know, I know, I know. But that’s my truth. My very first Martini I insisted on being shaken and not stirred. I learned to cock an eyebrow from Moore, and my fine art of the double-entendre: pure Moore’s Bond.

And as dated as his groovy ’70s threads are, when I get dressed up I really do ask myself if this outfit would have Moore’s approval. Pro tip gents: if you ever want to wear brown suits or camel hair coats, review his Bond movies, you will never go wrong.

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“Just say ‘No to the ‘nip'”

…this is your cat on catnip.


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