Dad Signs, Cont.

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Saturday Palate Cleanser

“I accept payment in salmon, tuna, and ‘nip.”

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RIP, Larry King

Larry King, The Living Museum of ’80s Power Ties and Suspenders, has gone to the great Mic in the Sky. It was probably from Covid as he was reportedly recently hospitalized with it.

Love him or hate him, if you were around during the ’80s, ’90s, early 21st century you knew him. He changed celebrity interviewing forever, and if you had to think of the golden age of CNN (Pre-Zucker as I think of it), Larry King was front and center.

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The Unity Unicorn

The Republicans Unity Unicorn?

The Coup Klux Klan have wasted no time to obstruct Trump-Virus relief, you know, because unity means giving them the agenda.

Unity is going to be the Republicans majig conjuring word.

Update 1: This is a good observation –


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Just Listed

🎶 Looking out a dirty old window 🎵

Guys, Jar-Jar vanky have fled DC and the $18K Ameros/month mansion they rented is available! You could rent it and use the toilets, unlike their Secret Service detail! Imagine the thrill of being in the exact same serene rooms where the First Shady Instagrammed herself holding sheafs of blank pages with a white mug of steaming beverage nearby, or plotted her future political career as the daughter of an twice-impeached insurrectionist and wife of a slumlord.

You might want to invest in an exorcist before moving in, come the think of it.

The DC rental is a steal compared to the $40K Amero/Month rent they are paying for a condo in Floriduh while they wait to build their new house on a $32M Amero empty lot.

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The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity

Trump Changes Address?

More news on The Stupid Coup, Tiger Beat’s email thingie points us to:

TRUMP AFTERSHOCKS: He’s gone from office, but the you-can’t-make-this-up stories about Trump’s (mis)conduct as president keep coming. Look no further than the lead of this New York Times story that posted last night: “The Justice Department’s top leaders listened in stunned silence this month: One of their peers, they were told, had devised a plan with President Donald J. Trump to oust Jeffrey A. Rosen as acting attorney general and wield the department’s power to force Georgia state lawmakers to overturn its presidential election results.”

Well, if true, that’s a prosecutable conspiracy to commit fraud (18 U.S. Code § 371) right there. I hope that the DOJ is looking at it.

Trump backed off, the story continued, “but only after Mr. Rosen and Mr. [Jeffrey] Clark [Trump’s partner in the gambit] made their competing cases to him in a bizarre White House meeting that two officials compared with an episode of Mr. Trump’s reality show ‘The Apprentice,’ albeit one that could prompt a constitutional crisis.”

No kidding.


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Watch That Bike (See what I did there?)

It’s gonna be a long four-years as our Failed Political Press, addicted to a scandal of the day goes cold turkey:

I don’t think President Handsome Joe Biden even got a honeymoon from the press before they went after the bike and watch.  Meanwhile Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s email thingie (New! Improved! More Gossip!) leads with (checks notes) Boring Joe:

The reviews from the media came in fast and furious: The Biden presidency is orderly, normal, even boring — and it’s so refreshing.

Perhaps this was a genuine expression of relief after a wrenching two-and-a-half-month transition for the country. But who’d like to place odds on how long it lasts before boring-good becomes boring-boring for the media?

First, a quick sampling of the commentary earlier this week exulting over all the normalcy:

“Biden’s inauguration offered what America needs: A ‘return to normalcy,’” read the headline on Max Boot’s WaPo column.

“Mostly, a normal, sane, empathetic presidential voice. FINALLY,” tweeted Jennifer Rubin after Biden’s inauguration speech.

Then there was the much remarked-upon contrast of JEN PSAKI’s studiously polite inaugural press briefing with SEAN SPICER’s “largest audience ever” debut at the White House podium four years ago.

“Instead of a clown show, white house briefings will return to the hallowed american tradition of being completely boring and useless. Inspiring!” noted Business Insider media reporter Steven Perlberg.

JOHN DICKERSON even penned a column in The Atlantic with this lead paragraph: “Joe Biden has a real shot at being a boring president. It will require constant work. Many forces of commerce and human nature are arrayed against him, and countless obstacles stand in his path. But if the country is lucky, entire days will pass without the president’s activities agitating the public mind.”

We could go on.

Please don’t.

We point this out not to argue that the break from four years of mayhem isn’t a much-needed breather, only to offer a bit of a reality check: Boring is the enemy of reporters. For all the talk from the right of liberal media bias, its real bias is for a juicy story.

That scans as true.

If the Biden administration shows some success at being boring, our bet is that the D.C. press corps will do everything in its power to make it not so. A warning to the president’s press shop: The beast may pause to take in its new habitat, but it will soon need to be fed.

And that last paragraph is the one that counts, that’s a warning. It’s not my job to advise the professionals at 1600, but if I were them, I’d be totally transparent about what they found as they took over: all the crime, negligence, incompetence, and pettiness of the previous administration is a good story for the press and will keep Hair Füror’s impeachment in perspective, too. Putting him on trial in the court of public opinion is the best way to apply pressure to the goobers who are going to claim that leading a coup is not impeachable.

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Bedside Reading, Cont.

H/T @NamelessCynic of the Tweeting place

After 10 months of social isolation and home haircuts, I need one too.

Oh. Wait.

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News

OpenSecrets follows the money and dives into who funded the insurrectionists, and you’ll be shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED!!1! to learn that it goes back to Dark Money controlled by Hair Füror’s campaign:

Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign aides played key roles orchestrating a rally protesting certification of President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory in the 2020 presidential election before hundreds of rioters breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

But the full extent of the Trump campaign’s ties to the protests may not be not fully known due to its use of shell companies that hide details of its financial dealings and the central role “dark money” played in the protests.

I have a hard time believing that Prznint Stupid knows enough about anything to orchestrate this hisself. Convince me I’m wrong.

Multiple individuals listed on the permit granted by the National Park Service worked for Trump’s presidential campaign, as first reported by the Associated Press over the weekend. That raises new questions about the Trump campaign’s lack of spending transparency and the unknown extent of the event’s ties to Trump aides.

The permit lists the rally’s “VIP Lead” as Maggie Mulvaney, a niece of former top Trump aide Mick Mulvaney, who quit his position as Trump’s special envoy to Northern Ireland after the Jan. 6 events. Maggie Mulvaney’s LinkedIn profile shows her current position as the Trump campaign’s director of finance operations and manager of external affairs. Trump’s 2020 campaign paid her at least $138,000 through November 2020.

The article goes on to list many aids and hanger-ons and what they were paid, some we’ve heard of before and others new (to me, anyway):

  • Megan Powers
  • Caroline Wren
  • James Oaks
  • Ronald Holden
  • William Wilson
  • Justin Caporale
  • Tim Unes

And then OpenSecrets starts listing all the shell companies.

What becomes clear is that there are a lot of moving parts, people, and organizations that were involved in the Stupid Coup; this was not some sort of organic groundswell action.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m guessing that paying people to organize a protest that turns into violence (let’s be generous) are likely to hold some liability for what happened, and gosh, the word conspiracy comes to mind, especially because they are not really keen to have all of this laid out in the open.

It’s worthwhile to read. I suspect we’re going to be learning more about these players in the days/weeks/months to come.

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Take THAT, False Prophets

Guys, the theocrats are going buggy that their Savior and Lord (Damp Nut) lost, and they are turning on each other:

and the clap-back comes from Lance Wallnau, who seems strangely reasonable (Announcer Voice: He’s not.)


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