Sunday Palate Cleanser

Great Art

“I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like!”

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Saturday Palate Cleanser


It’s Saturday!!!

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Bad Design, Cont.

Corn holders

Wayne LaPierre’s BBQ parties have a different version.

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

“Looks like you’re trying to defraud the Federal government.”

Ars Technica alerts us to the world’s dumbest super criminals:

“Yesterday, federal prosecutors unsealed a new indictment against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. The indictment contains new evidence that Manafort hid millions of dollars in overseas income from US authorities, and it charges Manafort and his associate Richard Gates with numerous counts of tax and bank fraud.

“The indictment also suggests that Manafort’s lack of technology savvy helped prosecutors build a case against Manafort and Gates. The pair allegedly submitted a variety of fraudulent documents to lenders in order to borrow money against properties purchased with overseas funds—funds that were never reported to the IRS. One reason prosecutors were able to build a paper trail against the pair: Manafort needed Gates’s help to convert a PDF document to Word format and back again.”

A paper train an inch deep and a mile wide. Those mooks  emailed the documents back and forth.

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Housekeeping Note

I’m off the California, there’s been a death in the family. I’ve put a few things in the queue and will post as I can. Back sometime on Monday!

Pretty sure you guys have a key to booze cabinet, so I’m changing the locks!

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Midday Palate Cleanser

We’ve now had a full week of incontrovertible proof that the cat revolution is coming, and I for one welcome our new feline overlords.

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I Do Not Object To Launching Republicans Into Space

…it’s the return trip that bums me out:

Living Unisom Wilbur Ross has been put in charge of “deregulating” space. Can you feel the excitement?

I really thank that Comrade Stupid is considering space condos for laundering Russian money.

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Your Kind Not Welcomed Here


“America is no longer a “nation of immigrants,” at least in the mission statement of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“Director L. Francis Cissna announced the rewrite of the statement Thursday, scrapping the more immigration-friendly language that said the agency “secures America’s promise as a nation of immigrants by providing accurate and useful information to our customers.”

So I guess the New Colossus poem will be prised off the Statue of Liberty soon, and replaced with a Whites Only water fountain sign.

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What Will the NRA Aim For?

Republican voter watching morning news

The top of the morning email thingie from Tiger Beat on the Potomac has an interesting analysis of the NRA’s stand:

“Happy Friday. THE NRA’S TOUGH SPOT … After the Newtown massacre, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION privately said the school shooting was an isolated incident. Gun lobby insiders say they effectively mitigated any gun control legislation because they were able to push that it was an anomaly to allies on the Hill. With 18 mass shootings this year alone that argument will no longer be effective.

I still maintain that if they showed us the crime scene, not only would assault weapons be banned, but bullets would be a controlled substance.  Do continue.

“THE GUN LOBBY is in a tricky place. They believe the CNN town hall has provided a visual that the masses in this country want changes to the gun laws of this country. They believe this is false, despite polling that shows a movement in this direction.

Having credible, young survivors telling first-hand tales is also a difference. That they all had phones with cameras and were texting their goodbyes is a striking difference.

Seeing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a long-time ally, change his position under public pressure has many nervous that he is just the first Republican willing to make concessions on the issue.

If the NRA is depending upon the spine of Marco Rubio, they’ve already lost.

“…Rubio has a long history of changing his mind under duress, only to back down when another option looks safer. In 2013, he voted against his own immigration reform bill, disavowing his own convictions on policies such as a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The pressures he faced then are similar to those he faced at last night’s town hall: when mothers of Dreamers confronted Rubio, worried by reports that he was backing down from his pro-immigrant stance, he spun himself into circles trying to appease whomever was in front of him. “It’s very sad that [the media is] misinforming people that way,” he said then. His voting record ever since has suggested the opposite.”

But I digress. Back to Tiger Beat:

“WHAT TO WATCH — Look for them to support, or at least not try to stop, legislation to ban bump stocks and close mental health loopholes. Raising the age limit for purchasing the AR-15 would be a lot tougher for them to swallow.

Remember, the NRA is ONLY about selling guns; they will not allow anything that cuts off part of the market. They will shoot that dead. (See what I did there?)

Still, they realize that their biggest advantage has been winning elections. The stakes have never been higher for the NRA than in the 2018 midterm elections. And the president of the United States has publicly said the NRA wants to cut some sort of gun-control deal, so they’ll need to find some safe ground.

“THE WHITE HOUSE HAS A CHALLENGE TOO. They need to come to some sort of conclusion about what they want to do, what they will support and what can become law.

Comrade Stupid changes positions more often than a hooker with a bad hip. He will say he supports A and then later deny it and demand something else (like teachers with guns in every classroom) that will never pass and then blame everyone not named Comrade Stupid.

Since the shooting in Florida, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has floated everything from changing the age for purchasing some weapons to finding military veterans — some of whom have won sharpshooting contests — and arming them in the classroom.

What could go wrong?

“THEY’RE IN THE FANTASY PHASE AT THE MOMENT because arming teachers is extraordinarily unlikely to happen. Giving teachers the mandate to carry guns in the classroom would bring up a whole host of questions that seem incredibly difficult to answer. First of all, the president says the teachers he’d seek to arm are 20-year military veterans who are comfortable handling weapons. We have to imagine, among the 3.2 million public school teachers, relatively few of them are military veterans who are proficient with guns, and eager to carry them in the classroom. Plus, who pays for the weapons, regulates the program, etc. etc.

“PLUS, show us a pathway to get to 218 votes in the House, and 60 votes in the Senate. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist.

“JOSH HOLMES, a former chief of staff to Mitch McConnell, advocated on Twitter yesterday for securing schools: @holmesjosh: “Serious question: if you can provide secure access at every government building across the country, why can’t we do it at public schools?” Something like this would be massively expensive, but expect this idea to pick up steam.”

Unless you get members of Congress to regularly visit schools, even that idea will never happen. They only did it at federal buildings because they use them.

Axios, of course, is building a lifeboat for the Republicans. See if you can spot the razor blade in the apple:

“Why it matters: “For more than a decade, and after multiple attacks on students, lawmakers have shied from making any significant changes to gun legislation in part because of the influence of the National Rifle Association.”

Hey Mike Allen, it is not Lawmakers, the word you seek is REPUBLICANS. Speak clearly, says the style guide.

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The Morning Quote

Deep thoughts from Comrade Stupid:

“I want my schools protected just like I want my banks protected.”

Also, too:

which seems odd as we export our culture, so why isn’t the rest of the world as violent? What could be the difference? Hmmm…

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